#Happy Saturday #Writingcommunity

What motivated you this week?

I jumped into reading The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith, and I try to fuel my writing motivation by this story.

 I had been writing for a couple of years, when I first came across L.J Smith and T he Secret Circle. One day I spotted the first book in a bookstore, and I was like; I want that for my birthday, that was a few weeks away. So, the weeks past and my birthday came and I recieved not only the first book. But the first three books in the series.

That same night I dived right into the first, and I ended up reading well into the night. Luckily I had the second book and after reading that, I luckily had the next – But, there ended my luck, because when I finished the third book, I was crying for more. So, I went online and bought the whole series and read them in a manner of days;

So, where I’m getting at here; is that I was captured not only by the story and the characters, but most of all, the writer’s voice in these books. And it was from that moment I realized what I wanted my writer’s voice to be.

L.J. Smith has an amazing way of showing her images through senses and a very well-thought descriptive writing. Nothing was left out, and even though some of her descriptions could go one for a line or two, it didn’t feel dragged.

This week I’m going back to what I fell in love with about these books and this writing, to let myself be motivated and inspired to bring my story to hopefully being just as good as hers! 😊

Everybody should do themselves a favor and read the series of The Secret Circle.

Happy Writing & Lots of Love!

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