Slow & Steady

I’ve been a bit absent from WritersLifeWork, getting back to a full-time job, was taking a lot of time, which I really love to be back to, and it also means, that I gotta plan and prepare a lot more of my blogging and posting. So, I’ll try to keep up with the regular Wednesday posting.

I’ve been working my a** off with my job, and of course writing on my WIP, and one day I realized, that I don’t need to rush. My story and everything for it, will get to where it need to be.

So, I decided to leave a small post, with my thoughts and ideas of the flow and pace of story and life development.

During my writing process, and development, I discovered that I, myself had changed too, along with my work. Everyday made me a different writer, and a new person. How did I manage that, good question, right? Well, I will have the answer for that, a little later. I’m in the process of a exciting yet still secret project. So, in a couple of weeks I will be able to reveal how, I developed myself and my story.

However, what I also realized was that; I am sailing my Life’s Ship, and everything is going so well, more than I could ever have imagined it would. It is going well and forward. And then I asked myself;

Would you rush the trip and risk a wreck, or trust the flow of the steady and slow progress?

A couple of months ago, that answer would have been tough to answer for me, because I was so stubborn, that it got in the way of my progress, and I also didn’t have a lot of patience, so my answer then, would have been; Let’s speed up, and hope that the wreck won’t come. BUT, it will… I have knocked myself down multiple times, because I rushed something, that ended up, causing me to work even harder, and even more than I originally needed to do.

So, today my answer is; I will trust the steady flow of the progress, because looking back over the past few months, things and life has changed drastically, and pretty quickly, even though I took it slow, and didn’t rush things, the progress moved along pretty quickly.

It is never worth rushing your work or creativity, because no matter how hard you think you got it under control, something will always come along, and remind you to slow down and do it right. If you don’t, you might end up kicking yourself for the extra work you have created for yourself.

I’ve discovered a new motto; Help your future self!
So, with everything I’m doing in my writing… I, along with my (secret project) I always try to add or come up with stuff, that will help my future self, making it as easy for me as possible.

That way, everything will have a steady pace, that will bring very good things for the future.

Happy Writing & Lots of Love. 🙂


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