Writing & Reading

If you’re a Writer, does it mean you can’t be a Reader too, or vise versa?

There’s a lot of ways to look at this, but as I evolved as I writer, I realized that I see it in one way;

Writing is my passion, and what I take from reading will teach me something each time. I’ll try to enjoy it as best I can.

Of course there will always be that inner critic, pointing things out; but if you use that tool right, it can change both your writing, and your way of reading. Working in a Book Club, has taught me a lot about this. For one, my range of genres and books has changed, normally I would stick to a list of certain genres, I liked. But with this club I was “forced” to try different once, and I discovered that there was a bigger world of books.

When I sit down to read a book for a review, I try to look at the story and the writing, and I found out, that I gained a skill, that just kinda occurred. I realized that I was thinking certain things while reading; Rather or not I would have written things like that. Discovering what I would do, and what I wouldn’t. And even though the book is really good, I still think of ways I can gain something from the book, my mind is always critiquing. In the good and bad ways, but I also know what I like and dislike, much quicker now.

And I believe that honesty, can take you a long way, because my whole writing life changed, because I met the right person, being brutally honest about my book. It was a blow to begin with, but as I started to look in, and beat that stubborn beast, that’s crawling inside of me. I realized that I had two choices; Either I kept my ground, remaining stubborn, (Basically getting nowhere) or I could use these words of truth, to take my story and writing further than it had ever been. And luckily I choose the last one. I hope to help people in the same way, by being honest in my reviews.

So, in the end I decided to be a Writer, who reads to discover, learn and help. I take something from every book I read, and that is truly a gift actually.

And I feel grateful having the opportunity to fund a book club, with amazing authors, who sends us their work, for us to look at.

Books Of All Shades, had taught me a lot, and I feel like I learn everyday in Writing, and in Reading!

Happy Writing & Reading To All Of You.

Enjoy it!

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