This Is My Happy Place

In writing there are so many aspects to consider, how to build your world, how to show and not tell. But what about the location of where you do your writing, does that matter too, to make the perfect scene or perfect chapter?
So, author may say that it doesn’t really matter. But to me, it does have some importance where I sit down to write.

Of course, every time I sit down to write it becomes; My Happy Place!
But the location can actually make a difference to me. Music can do a lot to affect my writing mood, and create an ambiance, allowing me to feel the mood of the scene, and it’s the same for location.

If I have to write a scene where people are going to a crowded place or going out, I like to go to a café, sit down with a good coffee and get to work. I know of course that some people can’t even work with music, let alone in a crowded place, so of course you just gotta create whatever works for you.

When the spring comes, and the temperature rises, I love to go out into nature, and sit down by a lake or something with water, and really use the energy and atmosphere around me.
And that is one of the amazing parts about being an author, (if you have a laptop of course) You are not grounded to one place.

So, ultimately My Happy Place, is wherever I can sit down and dive into my work, the location just sets the mood, and the energy around me, and I try to reap from that, every chance I get.

And it’s important because the mood or atmosphere I’m in actually determines how good my writing will be. I mean if you’re not really motivated, or into writing at all at that time, well most times that will show in your writing. So, I love to give it all, when I sit down to write, it gotta be right.

Find you Happy Place. 🙂

Feel free to tell me where you like to write, and what motivates you!

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