That’s Life!

That’s Life! – C’est La Vie!

Are you finding hard to focus on your work/writing? Don’t worry, there’s a solution.

Since I decided to shift my focus on my writing, making it a career, instead of a hobby. I realized that it was a passion, a very deep passion, driving me forward. But, it seemed that things were still going a bit slow, in my progress. I was moving forward, but it was just going a bit slowly.

Then I spoke to a friend about this, and he said, that I was letting life get in the way of writing. And he was right, I was making excuses of doing anything else but write. I would go out with my sisters, and friends, whenever they asked if I wanted to come I said yes, because writing could always come next… Oh, yes and it did. It became my second priority instead of my first.

Would you leave your work immediately, because your friends wanted to go out? No, right? And then I realized I had to treat writing as a day job, cutting down on the time out, and stop making excuses.

I decided that it was time to do what I wanted to do, and prioritize what was most important to me; Writing is my number one, and then after that, the things I like to do come somewhere after that. Find out what’s important to you, and aim for that. Your friends and family, will always be there, when YOU have the time. And if they aren’t… Well, in my book it says a whole lot about them, and then in the end, do you really want them in your life? Another thing to consider in the whole image of life.

So, to sum it up, things ain’t that hard to figure out. You just gotta make a choice, are you gonna let life get in the way of you, or are you gonna take control of life, and decide for yourself, what you really wanna do.

The adjustment was hard, because the crawling need to go out was there, and it’s not to say, that you shouldn’t go out at all, it’s about making time for everything. But once I saw how quickly my writing evolved, it made it all worth it, and I send a little thankful prayer, to my friend, telling me what I needed to hear, and kinda what I needed to do.

Now, when I get asked to go out, I consider the situation; Do I have the time to leave my work right now? If not, then I tell them no, and pace on with what I need to do for my work. Some of the people in your life will understand, some won’t. And there’s really nothing you can do about it, I shrug and think; Well, yeah that’s life. I tend to think/say it in French, because that is one of the things I prioritize as well, learning new things, and new languages.

There will always be a million reasons not to write, but there’s only ONE solution if you want to do it. And the answer is within yourself. Are you passionated about it, like me the answer will be easy.

Just make a promise to yourself;
Don’t Let Life Get In The Way of What You Want To Do!

C’est La Fuckin` Vie!

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