Remember Why!

Remember Why You Started!

In writing, but also in life in general it’s sometimes hard to stay on the right and positive track, when doubt comes crawling everything can easily shift off path. And even though it seems impossible to get back to it, it’s all about having faith and taking that deep breath, and believe in yourself and what you do.

I, for one have experienced many ups and downs in writing, and I’ve felt like quitting many times, but luckily my stubbornness steps in, and helps me push forward.

If you just have faith and believe, it can take you a long way. BUT- of course it’s easier said than done. I have spend many hours, considering if I should really do this, was it worth the struggle and the doubt? Well, to me it is. And if you reach into yourself, you can easily find the answers. I am confirmed in my writing, with my very talented writing coach, who always encourages, and pushes me to do better. And it is with his feedback, and my own progress, that I see how much I have moved, and how much better my writing is, and still becomes.

Even though it’s a bit scary, don’t be afraid to show your work to other people, tell them to be honest, and be open to listen. I wasn’t open to listen to begin with, and it’s biting my a** now. I see the things now, that people were saying than, and I’ve been working hard the past few months, and I’m happy to see my work improving.

And with that progress, I’ve discovered my passion for writing, and how good I actually am, which surprised me, and I had a hard time believing it to begin with. And when you get to those realizations, it’s like everything is making sense and everything is fitting together, the pieces are falling into place.

And at my darkest moments, I try to look back, and remember why I started, and what fueled me then, and what continues to fuel me now. I get a happy sensation when writing, I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to. And now when I look back at my very first draft; Well, first I laugh, 😉 But, then I compare that to the work I’m doing now, and there’s such a huge difference. And I’m only at my second edit, so things will continue to evolve, and get so much better.

I’m just trying to keep the faith and work hard toward that goal, I set in mind so many years ago. All I know now is; I’m doing good, and I’m moving in the right direction.


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