King Of Flames

Book Review for Books Of All Shades.

Thank you so much Kathryn Ann Kingsley, for allowing me to get a copy of your book. 🙂

Lydia’s life changed, when a strange body landed on her metal table, a body with strange symbols and different clothing. And with the mystery of a mark on her arm, her life would never be the same again.

King of Flames, had me captured pretty quickly, and there was so much excitement and mystery about this. I just wanted to keep reading, to find out, what the heck was going on. And there’s action from the get go. I was thrown into the story, and I was curious to know, how all of this would play out. And it also made me wonder, what I would do in these particular situations. And Kathryn’s writing made me wanna turn the next page, to find answers.

I really enjoyed the story, however with the writing style Kathryn has, I started to expect a little bit more. There were many scenes that stood out clear, but some of the informations were kind of only told to me, I could have longed for some showing. So, it would have completed the story and the descriptions. Because I know she had the talent to do so. My only issue was some of the heavy or long descriptions, that could have been shortened a bit. Less is more, most times.
But even though this crossed my mind, I was captured by the story, and I enjoyed it a great deal. And I’m curious to what happens in the next.

This story got a very good flow, and it doesn’t seemed to be in a hurry to get to the end, we are introduced to a lot of different characters, and they are luckily described very well, and I could picture them. There were a bit of everything in this story, and though I was informed of a lot of things, it was played out with capturing dialogue, and interesting, and different descriptions. There’s mystery, and very interesting characters. Where will fate bring Lydia, will she ever return to what she once knew? Flip those pages, and find out for yourself. If you are a lover of myths, mystery and terrifying creatures, this read is totally something for you!

Very good job, Kathryn.

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