Reviews & Reviewers

So, I’ve been wondering… All authors out there want/expects reviews for their books, but are they just as willing to provide, what they seek themselves.

I felt like I was willing to help indie authors, like myself to get reviews. But after I started editing my own book, and founded a book club. It made so much more sense, to provide them with an honest and insightful review.

And as I was reviewing and helping people in that way, I discovered how much I learned from this myself. What to look for, and what not to look for. How to deliver honest feedback, in a productive and professional way.

But-then the big question occurred to me; Are all authors willing to review books themselves?

As I see it, Readers are always willing to help, but are we all so competitive, that we don’t wanna do the same things, we long for so much. Or are they actually reaching out to help. I would like to think so, and those authors I’ve come by, have been willing and so helpful.

So, what I’m really trying to say here is… If you are wondering about this; you shouldn’t hold yourself back, from asking for people’s help. I was surprised, How many people and authors helped out. 🙂

So Don’t Be afraid to Reach Out.

Help Out & Review a book. 🙂 Feel Free Leave your thoughts on this.

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