Death’s Kiss

Death’s Kiss by Regie Khemvisay Book Review for BOAS.

First I wanna thank; Regie for allowing me, and the BOAS Club a copy of her book.

A kiss brings lovers closer, but what if that kiss suddenly turned deathly? The relationship of Yuri and Ryoma changed the moment the infection set in, and the life they knew would be hard to maintain. What do you do when kisses are deathly, and treason is so very tempting? Read Death’s Kiss and find out!

This story quickly captured me, with the great descriptions of the surroundings, and we meet the characters right away. Yuri and Ryoma are an intense couple, and though the idea of two first person narratives, are rare and different. It confused me a little bit, even though I was actually told in the beginning who was in the spotlight. I caught myself thinking, was this Ryoma or Yuri speaking? And it seemed that Yuri was stealing the spotlight a bit from Ryoma.

I really liked the beginning of the book, it was beautifully painted, and I really loved the way their relationship was captured. The story unfolds nicely, but at times I could have needed a bit more back story. And I needed a bit more explanation of the system/institute.

As the story played out, I could easily imagine what was happening, but I didn’t really feel connected to the main characters. It was sad and all what happens to Yuri, in the beginning, but I didn’t feel sorry for her.

Some of the things seemed to be paced a bit quick, and things came too easy, everything is given in advance, I felt that some more mystery could have help build the tension. And some of the informations, could to me have been cut out. And the whole story could have done better with a bit more dialogue.

There’s an overall theme of the “playing cards”; Spade, Heart, Club & Diamond. I really loved how this theme was carried out throughout the story, and I got a very good insight to what this meant, and what they strives for. And that the “Cards” connect with time and everything else. Nice Job. I could however have liked a bit more story about the virus, and the “outbreak”.

The deal with the kiss and blood infection was very exciting to me, and that idea was really good. I also liked that there were some elements similar to my own WIP, so there’s some extra points as well.

The unique names made the story a bit more original in some way, and I think that Regie, did a good job. I feel like the book could have been a bit shorter, but that could just be me.

This book is filled with love, and passion. A story of a couple, split by fate. Forced to fight within a system they can’t escape. And as Aces Soldiers, they are trained to fulfill their target, at all cost. An good planned out book, with a lot of things going on. So, if you like Dystopian/Sci-fi this read is definitely for you.

Thanks again for the opportunity to read this book; If you would like to buy this book, Check it out;

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