Revenge Come Calling

Books Of All Shades Book Review!

I would like to thank R. J. Rosatte for giving me the opportunity to read, and review his book.

Casey, and Katie are finding themselves in a action-packed situation, and trouble seem to follow wherever they go. Will they get the revenge they long for?

This story has A LOT going on, a little too much for my taste. I found myself thinking; Wow, quick pace and it was like the pace kept building, and everything was very rushed, to get Casey and Katie to where they were going. Casey seemed a bit laid back, and he fell a bit into the background, where Katie was leading the story a bit, she’s bad-ass with all the things she’s doing.

There was a lot of info-dumps, that could have been presented in another way, and many of the lines were quite long, and maybe they could have been split or changed a bit, this could just be me. And everything seemed to be told (Force fed) to me instead of shown. And even from the beginning I had a hard time picturing the things that was going on.

However some of the surroundings that was described stood out quite nicely to me, I just need more of that, in the characters as well.

And for the bad guy in the story, I was confused to who he really was, and what was really going on with him. Johnny, who? – He could have had some more time in the spotlight. And when he was presented, things seemed to jump all over the place, I was confused to where I was in the story.

There weren’t too much surprised in the beginning, because everything seemed to be delivered to me before-hand. And there’s so many people that suddenly appears, and honestly I lost count. I got some idea of who Casey and Katie were, and what they were doing, but most of the other characters, seemed to appear from thin air. That could have been painted out, a little bit more.

As I entered Chapter 6, I still didn’t know who was who. I got to know Casey’s parents, and that picture was easier to imagine, then suddenly a lot of different things happen. There was however, a kind of warmth to Casey’s mother, a welcoming that I liked very much.

At some point, I felt like that a lot of names, action scenes and people were thrown into a bag, and shaken, and then when it was poured out, that was how the story played out. I bet the characters would be confused and dizzy, I sure was. It disconnected me too much from the characters and the story.

I felt there was too much information to gain, but so little time to gain it. Telling, Telling, Telling. Where’s the show? Because, I see that with your descriptions, you differently had the ability to created a picture, and to show your story, and spread it out to the reader with a flow of images.

So, if you like a quick paced and action filled read, this book is the right match for you! 🙂

Happy Reader & Writing People! 🙂

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