Follow Your Passion!

Passion – seemed to be the keyword these days, some of my friends and me talked about it, and I realized how much passion I truly have for writing. I knew it before, but it’s like it intensified. Maybe it’s some of the progress and Improvements I’ve made with my writing and my WIP.

What is the difference between cozy-writing and a burning passion?
Ask yourself how you would answer that question, to Me that question was easy to answer. Because no matter what came in my way in my FIFTEEN years of writing my story, I always told myself; Don’t Quit!

For many of the years of writing, it was a hobby to me, or so I thought. I have been writing small lines, and poems in my younger days, and that expanded to writing small stories, and then finally I started my Life’s Work, working on my life’s story. And a few years back, it occurred to me, that THIS is more than just a hobby, it’s a second job, A PASSION.

And as I spoke to a friend about passion, it made me wonder; If people said that writing were their passion, why didn’t they do anything possible to get their stories down. Instead, it seemed that people cared too much about sharing split ideas of WIP’s or how many words they had put down that day. And don’t get me wrong, I jumped that wagon too, I reached deadlines with my word-counts, and I loved sticking to it, reaching a goal. BUT – today, I could care less about word-counts. Yes, I defeated Nanowrimo and got my certificate. And I loved that, but working closely and deeply with my story lately, I realized that word-counts doesn’t matter one bit. The importance lies in getting the words down on “paper”.

I don’t care how many words it is, or how many hours it takes, as long as I get the important content into each chapter, and seeing how the story and the characters came to life, I didn’t even bother to check the word-counts.

So, if you have a fire burning brighter than the sun, that deep passion, that there’s no doubt in your heart, that Writing is what you’re supposed to do, you shouldn’t care about word-counts, Twitter sprints or even Nanowrimo! Yes, I said it. My friend almost fell over, when I said it out loud, but it doesn’t really matter, In MY opinion at least.

So, keep at it and work hard, and amazing things can happen!

Happy Writing!

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