Laughter Is The Key!

Sometimes life brings you so many unpredictable things, and though it seems to crash your whole world, I’ve recently discovered, that bitching about it won’t help a damn thing! So, I decided to shrug, and laugh about it instead.

When life gives you lemons, (and a whole load) you gotta make a shit ton of lemonade, and what else can you do about it, than to take the sour and sprinkle it with a bit of sugar.

Laughter is the glitter of life, and I always say sprinkle that shit everywhere!

In life, and in writing; I always try to see the positive in the situation that’s in front of me. And I’ve learned that laughter kills all the trouble, and concern. Take a shitty situation, and make fun of it, and you laugh it all out. If you sit down and cry about it, you will have a much harder time moving on, then if you breath, and laugh about it and say; What the heck, Everything Will Be Okay!

When I need a good laugh, I turn to you… You know what, it’s actually rare, that I have to turn to asking about a good laugh, because with my incredible Book Club, that sort of stuff just kinda always happens. With those guys I have a daily laugh, and great uplift. We talk EVERYDAY and there’s always a good laugh, or joke thrown in there, in one way or the other. And of course, there’s always my closest family, who’s always ready for a good laugh, and we always do something crazy, that often lead to a crazy memory, that we can laugh our asses off of later on.

And if the top choices would fail to bring joy; (WHICH THEY NEVER WILL!) I turn to a funny TV-Show, there’s this crazy comedian, and every time I watch some of his programs, I can’t stop laughing, and to top it of, my sister and I will always imitate him, and get another great laugh right there.

So, no matter if it’s your writing, that’s struggling to have progress, or your life, that doesn’t work as you hope. Turn to the things that brings you happiness and laughter. Find that source of joy, that you just know for sure will help you back on your feet.

Laugh Your A** Off!

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