The Magic of Book Clubs!

The Dream Team!

I’m amazed that a funny talk between friends on Instagram comments, led to the idea of something bigger. I had, had the idea of a Book Club for a while, and there were only two people I wanted to be in this club with me, and when I asked them; I was like, well they are never gonna bite on this idea, but they did. Thankfully, they are both just as Crazy as me.

But turns out, it wasn’t just any Book Club, the idea was to read books, and share thoughts, like any other club. But, then we started a group chat, with many crazy ideas, I might add… And then suddenly someone; (not sure who, I know it wasn’t me, but let’s just share the credit between all of us. Haha.) came up with this great idea, to only read books by Indie Authors, and provide them with Three Reviews. So, what is better then doing what we all loved, (reading) Well, I tell you what’s better; being able to help other struggling authors.

Within a month, our pile of books grew bigger than any of us had expected. And now that we are looking at our list of 70+ books, we are delighted how great this club is doing. We didn’t expect how fast it would all go, and how busy we would become with reading. There’s one thing we know for certain, we ain’t gonna run out of books anytime soon.

And to me, I didn’t only get a Book Club to be a part of, (and founder of, shh don’t tell the others I said that). I got a source of endless support and encouragement, and a never ending friendship, with two incredible people, and talented authors. I have so much fun with our group, and it’s so nice to have your own little help center, right in your pocket. I can text them, and almost immediately there’s a helpful response, I have gained a “Business” I love, and a friendship that brings me joy and happiness. It’s truly a Dream Team!

And if we can provide many other authors with the same joy and entertainment, we feel within the club. Well, then it’s a job well-done for me. I’m delighted by all the incredible things we will do in the future, and all the people we can help with some honest feedbacks.

I’m a proud boss, way to go Team!

#GoodBoss. #GoodSecretary. #GoodTechnician.

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