Remember Things Change!

Nothing is ever certain.

“Everything is slipping, I can hardly grasp anything. The cold murky water is flooding in, drowning my hope completely.”

Okay, this actually sounds quite dramatic, but I wrote this at a moment where something happened in my life, that I had no control over what-so-ever, and I was furious by not having control. But – after a few days, I tried to get back on my positive track, and two days later, a solution appeared to me. I had a plan, and that plan was changed in the blink of an eye, and it’s not the end of the world! So, I re-planned and found a new way of seeing things.

I stick to my plan, and try to stay positive, in everything I do. And as I stay positive, and happy my work strives.

There will always be a million reasons not to Write, or do anything in life at all, but you just gotta push that aside, and press forward. In the first few days, my life was clouded with darkness, but then everything changed, and a dimmed light appeared, with the help of my dear friends, the view of things changed.

Everything in life will keep changing, and I’ve learned, that the thing making the difference is how you decide to look at it. Things will change around us all the time, and we can either choose to lie down, and cry about it, never really getting back up, or we can choose to take a very deep breath, and tell ourselves, it is out of my hands, things happen for a reason, and now I will pick myself up and reshape my plan, always keep going, and keep moving forward.

One day you can be on top of everything, keeping an awesome flow of things, the next you see your whole world shifting, the most important thing is that you never stop, and never quit.

This goes very well in life, and in writing as well. I always keep telling myself, the only moment you lose, is if you quit. You Can Do It! And besides, I made a writing goal, and the only one able to reach, that goal is me. So, instead of excusing myself, I decided not to let anything stop me, or get in my way. I will reach that goal, no matter what it takes!

If you have a passion for anything, burning brighter than the sun, doesn’t it seem that there’s a bigger reason behind this? Well, only you can answer, that for yourself!

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