Trash Interview

Exclusive Books Of All Shades Interview with Author of Trash; Oliver Brown.

As Books Of All Shades Book Review went live yesterday, I would like to follow up with an Exclusive interview.

I asked Mr. Brown some questions, and I was very intrigued by his incredible answers.

“Don’t ever hide the nard inside of you!”

No.1 – What inspired you to start your story/stories?

I grew up in a very nerdy household. My dad introduced me to board games, roleplaying games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu), and card games (e.g. Magic the Gathering) at a very early age. Not only did it stimulate my growing imagination, but it helped with Maths and English too. I’m eternally grateful for that. I’ve always enjoyed developing characters and stories for roleplaying games in particular – I have masses of paper in various boxes with all sorts of wild and wacky ideas for characters, places, and gibbering fiends.

Some literary influences include H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. King has a beautiful way of describing his characters, and I love the way Lovecraft manages to inject a deep feeling of dread and hopelessness into his work.

I was inspired to write Trash for a long time prior to actually putting pen to paper. After studying Criminology at university, I often thought of writing a graphic serial killer thriller. I grew tired of the Hollywood portrayal of the slick and handsome serial killer (think Christian Bale in American Psycho) as they are just so clean-cut and different to the harsh reality – many killers are as ugly on the outside as on the inside. Fictional serial killers should be gritty and horrible and real – disturbing and complex individuals that most sane people will never begin to understand.

No. 2 Describe your novel/book with three simple words.

Dark, uncompromising, different

No.3 – Who is your favorite kind of character to write?

I have a soft spot for characters with unusual personality traits and character flaws. I particularly adore designing a nasty villain and jaded anti-hero. In fact, I love villains so much I usually develop the antagonist before I even think about the protagonist! There is a folder on my desk full of ideas for ghost stories – a collection of tortured souls out for revenge. I love a good revenge story. Who, what, how, and why the protagonists will fit into these stories hasn’t yet been determined.

No. 4 Do you feel sad or excited about tormenting your characters?

I don’t enjoy tormenting characters for the sake of it – there has to be some purpose to it.

In Trash, I was initially excited to torment the main character as he’s a disturbingly horrific person. However, the more I got into his head, the more I felt empathetic towards him. In many ways, he is a victim of circumstance – although that doesn’t justify his despicable actions. I wanted his torment to humanise him.

By contrast, the main character in my current project goes through a hard time in order to strengthen her confidence and help her to overcome later obstacles. I feel sad for putting her through an ordeal, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

No. 5 Tell your reader’s one thing about yourself.

I have a very large collection of wargaming miniatures (such as Warhammer) that are my pride and joy. I’ve been collecting since I was little – I even have a spare room in the house to store it all. However, I used to be incredibly ashamed to admit I had them. In fact, I once wrote a psychology essay about a woman I met online, who came from a conservative family. She said she found it easier to ‘come out’ as a lesbian than as a wargamer. To my knowledge, she still hasn’t told her parents about her hobby!

I thought about my ‘Warhammer shame’ for a long time and eventually concluded that we gamers shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are – even if we do like pushing little plastic figures across a table. I’ve taken this approach to my writing too. I admit that Trash most certainly isn’t for everyone due to the subject matter/strong language, but I decided to write it anyway because I find it interesting. I hope others will too.

No. 6 Give your readers some of your most exciting lines from your book.

This is tough – most of my book is NSFW!

“They all thought it was the frenzied act of some chaotic, raving psychopath. Some disorganised wanton act of destruction by a maddened maniac. They couldn’t have been more wrong.”

“Don’t worry Sunshine, we will be together soon. And you’ll be forever perfect.”

Thank you, Oliver for participating in this outstanding interview. 🙂

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