Trash Book Review!

Trash by Oliver Brown Book Review for Books Of All Shades.

The SYCAMORE STRANGLER is a prolific serial killer. Twisted by a fearsome hatred towards his promiscuous Ma, he murders teenage girls to stop them from becoming just like her. Hot on the trail of his latest target, the Strangler follows her to a cabin deep in the woods. Will she become yet another victim, or will someone finally stop him?

We follow the young and troubled boy, who before he turned to the Sycamore Strangler, was a sad and tormented boy, who’s mother didn’t care about him at all. A hard life like this can push everyone to the edge. Beaten down, and disheartened he’s drawing further into himself.

He ends up in foster care, and is very infatuated by the families teenage daughter, a little too much. Which ultimately leads to his desire to save young teenage girls from becoming just like his mother.

He’s merely a young teenager himself when he takes his first bride, cleaning her soul from becoming yet another Trash, and this sensation of claiming his first bride doesn’t satisfy him, so soon he’s out looking for more. As the list of saved girls are piling up, he feels like a hero, and his drive for brides intensifies.

And one day he sees the perfect girl, Sunshine. She’s beautiful, and he must have her. He’s doing the necessary preparations, as Sunshine is going to a cabin in the woods, he is coming up with a list of plans of how to execute this. But, something is different this time, something that he didn’t expect. Will this mistake of his, finally be his undoing? Well, I guess you have to read the book and find out!

Going into this book I had no idea what to except. But being a lover of thrillers and true crime, I was to say the least excited to start reading! And oh my, was I blown over from the first page. The language was rough, and filled with curse words.

Being a persistent lover of the word Fuck, this book got me hooked. Might not be in antibody’s taste, but I enjoyed it. The way this book is planed out, and how the story is developed is intriguing. I got a huge thrill of excitement, and kind of that fear of being caught doing something you’re not supposed to. The vile descriptions of a tough life gives you a whole new sight on the main character, you understand what and where he is coming from, and of course the fact that he’s a serial killer is kind of bad, I actually felt sorry for him, and understood why he turned out the way he did. Who wouldn’t with a past like his? The way Oliver describes the main character’s emotions and his view on the sorry is brilliant. Well Fucking Done, Oliver!

The mystery of the reader not actually knowing THE SYCAMORE STRANGLER’S name is yet another factor making this guy so intriguing and mysterious. Though the book is fairly short, it has a lot going for it, so much is described, or done imaginable by Mr. Browns incredible writing. I swallowed the story in two days because of the fact that I was caught by this story. The story and MC reminded me of the new Netflix series YOU which I binged in one day. However this story line is actually, in my opinion way better! I felt what he felt, and saw what he saw. The action and excitement kept raising towards the end, and then everything took an shocking and unexpected turn, and I was mind blown. What the fuck is going on? And then when everything hits its peek… Where the hell is the next page?

Oliver ended this book on the perfect note, making the reader ask for more, but also letting you imagine the outcome for yourself. I hope that Oliver will bring us more books like this in the future.

Ratings.. 5/5 stars… No fuck that 10/10 Stars on my scale!!

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