Ask Yourself Why?

Ask yourself why, and you might be surprised and uplifted by the answer. I’ve learned that life as a writer isn’t always a silver lining. There’s always times where you feel like quitting, and where the unmistakable Great Doubt will sneak up behind you, and drain you from ideas, and hope.

In my opinion, you will never get rid of the doubt, you can however find tools to beat it once it resurfaces. In the beginning things were so hard and so tough to work with, and I felt like crying for days once the doubt came, and all I wanted to do was quit and burn all my “shit”! But, then time moved on, and I found the tools to defeat the doubt, and I made a promise to myself, that I would always beat on.

“I Will Never Quit!”

One line popped into my mind one day, a line that I think was always buried deep inside of me, but only appeared when I needed it the most. There will always be people around you to give support, and encouraging words, but the most important support and encouragement, comes from YOU! A voice inside my mind said; Ask Yourself Why? – Why are you doing this? Why are you writing this story?

And when my Great Doubt was at its worst, and I had one of those days where everything didn’t seem to matter, and all my work felt like shit, I was surprised by the voice answering back; What is the point, really? And as much as this line seems to be negative, and not motivating, it actually gave me the question, that open my mind to why I was really doing this!

What is the point, really? – Well, my incredibly twisted, and troubled mind, the point is, that I had been writing for years, and as every year brought new knowledge, and taught me something new, I kept growing as a writer, and as a person, and one day when the line occurred to me; Ask Yourself Why? My answer was; Well, I keep going because I discovered that my passion for writing burned deeper than anything in my life had before, and I discovered something else, that surprised and uplifted me extremely. I was actually good at this! An experience I wasn’t used to having, of course there were many things in life I was good at, but not something that gave me the drive as writing did.

And along the helping line, I always gained another nifty trick. When the Great Doubt strikes I go back to some of the writing I was most impressed by. Once you read your work, and find that golden piece, that makes your mind wonder; Did I really write this, it’s so great! Use that to your advantage. Save that piece for a rainy day, because then when your mind is telling you that this is no good, you hold the tool and the power to prove yourself wrong, telling your mind; Look at this, this is why I am doing this, this is me, and I know what the hell I’m doing. – And when you do this, you are almost always guaranteed to be uplifted and surprised. So, make a promise to yourself to always Ask Why, and treasure those golden piece, because they will one day become your savior. Promise yourself to Always Beat On, and Never To Quit! Because if you are really burning for being a writer, there’s no other right answer than that!

As long as the passion burns deep in your heart, you will always find a way to reach your goal, and arrive where you wanna be!

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