The Haunting of Hattie Hastings.

Book Review for Books Of All Shades.

The tragic loss of her beloved husband, shakes Harriet(Hattie)’s life,
she will now have to deal with a life without him, or will she? As the spirit of her longtime sweetheart, Gary pops up, she is fearing that she’s losing her mind. But, as she realizes this is all too real, she’s forced to convince her brother, and best friend of this fact. Is it possible to grief over a man, who is technically still there?

This book got a lot going on, and everything collides in the earliest pages, kind of shocking you a bit with the speed, but it got me hooked. I love the many familiar references used in this book; The Walking Dead, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks, I’m a fan, and this keeps happening throughout the book. I love how Hattie, and her friend Cat’s relationship is planned out, they argue and discuss everything, just like normal friends would. And with the view of this book, we doesn’t only get to know Hattie, but her brother, and mother; seeing what they are going through adds something to the story.

Great book, with a quick flow of the book, a bit too quick for my taste, and there’s a lot of things happening, very quickly and suddenly. However, I enjoyed reading it. Caring and funny, characters. Who could be realistically stupid at times.

So, if you enjoy romance with a ghostly, and funny twist this book is definitely for you!

3,5/5 – ***

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