The Devil From The River

Book Review for Books Of All Shades

The Devil From The River By Andrew Whittaker.

David Nelson’s life changes, as a body washes up on the banks. His life, and the life of the people around him is pulled into a wheel of change, violence and a fight to survive the creatures, bone-rippers, Death Walkers and crazy scientists has begun. How will our friends, fight the battle and avoid the pull of the Four Hells?

“Action from the first page!”

The Wild West meets John Carter in this action-packed story, which had me intrigued from the get-go!.

There’s A Lot of good description, making it easy to imagine, as Mr. Whittaker paints a good ‘Worture’ (Picture of Words).

There’s good humor, and exciting scenes, imaginable creatures and likable characters. The reader gets to appreciate them, and the way the point of view shifts you get to actually “miss” the ones not in the frame.

This special telling got some wild content, extraordinary and ancient names, and as a girl who loves the idea of cursing, this book got some enjoyable curse words, different, but nice! There’s a lot of different terms, some you don’t come by everyday, and I liked the twist of having a description of something, that I didn’t really see coming, yet it gave me a good picture of what was going on.

“Burn my soul, and piss on the ashes!”

These memorable characters brings emotions to you, as you follow their crazy journey, and honestly it’s hard describing this book without giving away or spoiling too much.

I was surprised by the action and violence of this book. I love the themes of this story and I kept being amazed by the raw image created about the things going on. Some things seemed familiar, yet totally new. I was entertained, surprised and impressed by this story. I could easily imagine what the fierce and challenged characters went through, you can sense their anger, frustration and pain.

Four Hells – If you’re a fan of Wolverine and John Carter this violent, wild and action-packed book is the deal for you!

4/5 – ****

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