Consumed By Darkness by Nathan Thorn.

Hello Everybody, Let’s give a big shout out, and a huge congrats to Nathan, whose book baby is released today!

He wrote a beautiful collection of poems, his style is a bit dark, but the words he pours are genuine and relatable. Even though he dwells into dark places, he manages to bring beauty to the things he write. I can tell you one thing, I look forward to reading his book!

He’s a talented guy, and I believe that he will make it far in this world!

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So, I also asked him a few questions about being a Author, here’s his incredible answers!

  1. What Inspired You To Start Your Book?

My past experiences opened up my eyes along with my heart. Writing for me is such an amazing outlet. There’s just something about putting the pen to the paper that allows me to pour what I’m feeling or what I’ve felt onto paper.

2. Tell Your Readers One Thing About Yourself?

I’m 25 years old, when I’m not writing I love to indulge in some classic video games, preferably N64 classics. I love taking drives, and getting lost, it’s within that moment that ideas begin to flood my mind!

3. What Are Your Dreams & Wishes For The Book?

My dreams and wishes for the book are that just everyone enjoys it and that I can connect with people who have gone through similar circumstances and have been in a dark place before. I want them to know that I get it and I am here for them!

4. What’s Your Favorite Writing Place/Spot?

My favorite writing spot believe it or not would be Starbucks. There’s something about the atmosphere that triggers me into going there. I love just putting some headphones on, having a cup of coffee and just going to work.

5. Your Best Writing Advice For Struggling Writers?

For advice, I would say… Let your imagination just run free! Don’t let anxiety or anything else come in between you and your dreams. We only get one shot at this beautifully crazy life, so why not put your words to life?

Such wonderful answers. We should all do as he says, and get the best out of the wonderfully, and beautifully crazy life!

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