Harry Potter!

My experience with The First Three Books!

Okay, all Harry Potter fans out there, prepare to hate me. – Honestly, I had told myself I would never read the Harry Potter series. (At this point I don’t know why). I guess, I was thinking, well I saw the movies, that must be enough, right? (What the hell was I thinking!? Haha). And the funny part is that I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan when I was younger. And today I see, that there’s noting to the movies compared to the books. I was too stubborn, but a great friend showed me the way… And I stepped into the universe of J. K. Rowling, and I’m thankful I did.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone.

Honestly starting this first book I was kinda skeptic, but then I told myself to let myself be swallowed by this and I was SURPRISED big time. I was sucked in, I loved the book after the first chapter… I was pulled into this magical world, with relatable characters, and amazing descriptions. A great inspiration as an author. (And of course my friend kept telling me about it, but let him be right… No way in hell, I am stubborn after all. Haha, eventually I told him he was right). I was amazed by how much I felt what Harry feels, and to be completely honest, I cried at the end, it was THAT GOOD!! 🙂

5/5 – *****

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.

With this one, I was kinda like, Well I know this and I know that, because of the movies. Some of the things I was surprised by, but mostly I knew what was happening, but as I got deeper into the book, I realized how different it were from the movie. This book as the first had a good flow; everything was flowing so easily, and I swallowed it pretty fast. I love how J. K. Has the ability to make you love some characters SO MUCH and then at the same time, hate some of them even as much. I was entertained, surprised, and even a little nervous throughout this book, and of course… As the sensitive person I am, I cried at the end of this one as well. 🙂

5/5 –  *****

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Okay, so this one I was a little split about. The first part was well described and everything, but I honestly thought that the first section of this book was very long, and a little dragging. BUT- when I reached past the half of the book, I started loving it. And I was binging the rest of it. There was so much action, and excitement. And, things kind of started making sense to why we were told so much in the beginning, it could have been shortened down a bit, (in my opinion) everyone their own thing, right? 🙂
Well, even though I knew what was gonna happen, because I saw the movies, I was still surprised, because EVERYTHING was played out so differently, then in the movies. I was even scared about what would happen at some points. I was so excited for the ending of this book, and through this book I fell in love with Professor Lupin, he’s such a mysterious character, and he’s so kind, very likable. There was SO MUCH to this book, & I loved it.

Rating this book, I actually wish I could split it in two. For the first half I would rate it; 3/5 – ***
But, for the last half I would give it 5/5 – ***** (Times Two!)

So, I had a really good experience with the these first books in the series, and I CAN’T wait to read the rest of them as well!

Aside from the entertainment, that it is to read them, I learned so much about writing, as I read through them. It’s a two sided gift really! 🙂

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