Say YES To Positivity!

Say Yes To Positivity!

“The Magic of A Blank Page”

A new year has begun, and with that comes new possibilities, and endless opportunities. 2019 holds a lot of plans, and projects and what more could you ask for? Goals to reach, and dreams to conquer.

And what is the best tool in reaching such goals, and dreams. Well, I have discovered that with a great deal of hope, faith and positivity you will come an awful long way.

The key is not to be afraid of failing, and ultimately ending up being your own blockage.

Keep Hoping!

– Hope isn’t necessarily the key to the progress in your work, but it damn well helps keep you motivated enough to pursuit your goals and dreams, a least it did for me. 2018 brought a lot of new things to view. I changed my life completely, writing and living wise, and of course times of negativity appeared, I am human after all. Remember that it’s okay to falter, we are only humans! 🙂 Hope has brought new faith and possibilities to my view for the new year, and Hope certainly isn’t the only thing that will bring progress. There’s always a lot of work to do, and in my case a lot of battling with myself and my stubbornness. My patience and stubbornness, will most times become my defeat, but as I started my edit, I discovered that the more I gave in, and caved for the things I really knew was right for my work, the more I quit on my stubbornness, learning to use it in the right places. I’m not all there yet, but we are still learning, right?

Have faith!

– I kept having faith in my work and writing, having this sense that it would go greater places, than it had ever been. Suddenly and so quickly things changed to the better, I took a deep breath, and decided to give my work the professional edit, that it deserved, and now I have a whole new goal and dream to reach for 2019 and all it took was a little bit of faith in myself and my work.

Stay As Positive As You Can!

– What I have learned about positivity, is that it’s easier said than done, staying positive. It’s a choice we make, to change our lives, and live by new standards. And the moment I decided to be a happier and more positive person, I felt a change in myself and in my life. Everything good I wanted in my life, came to me in some way. I wished deeply for a job, and I got it. I wished for help and encouragement for my work, and I received it. However, the wish itself wasn’t enough, I had to feel it so deep within myself, that I couldn’t be sure of anything else in my life, and I had to visualize and stay positive about these things in order to receive and maintain them. The gift of Law of Attraction, played a huge deal for my progress, motivation and positivity. Everybody should do themselves a favor, and look into that; it completely changed my life. Shifting my beliefs, and my way of seeing the world, with all the positivity I could muster.

So, now I’m beginning the new year with High Hopes, Faith and Positivity. Visualizing what my goals will be, and planning out how I can Hopefully reach them all!

I wish you all a lot of Hope, Faith and Positivity for the New Year.

You Can Do It!

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