The Devil From The River – Book Review

My fellow blogger Emily Quinn made an incredible review for Books Of All Shades Book Club. 😊

A Quintillion Words | Book Reviewer | Copywriter

“Well, maybe they just have faith in your ability to put a bullet in a moving body.”

I’m extremely happy to be working alongside the Books Of All Shades team to bring you our first ever book review. Not only are we bringing talented authors the honest book reviews they need to get noticed, but we’re also getting the chance to do what we love too – read incredible books and write about them as well!

Today’s review from me is of The Devil From The River by the very talented Andrew Whittaker. This is the first book of the ‘Unforgiven Sins’ series yet to be unfolded, and the story definitely has the potential to be explored further. Who knows, book two may be in the pipeline to be reviewed soon! No pressure, Andrew, honest…

I seem to say this a lot when reviewing books, but this book was…

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