The Power of Encouragement!


The Power of Encouragement.

Are you struggling with Encouragement? Well, I definitely know how that feels. I started out small in the writing community, and didn’t even have Instagram or Twitter in the beginning of my writing journey.

If you are a strong person, you will come a long way on your own, however it is still nice, hearing words of wisdom and encouragement from others.

I felt alone, and resigned in the beginning, not having any social media friends, I tried to do everything on my own, and I think I did pretty good, but once the unmistakable Doubt came crawling, there was nobody to turn to, nobody to lean on.

Honestly, there were times where I would think; Well, Fuck this shit! I’ll delete this and burn it up in the flames of hell!! ( A bit dramatic, I know! Haha..)

Luckily my sanity defeated my demons, and I didn’t delete it, thank god! So, if you ever get that feeling of resignation, DON’T EVER LISTEN TO THAT VOICE, TELLING YOU TO DELETE IT ALL, AND QUIT! —— YOU CAN DO IT, KEEP FAITH! 🙂

Even though I was alone in the beginning, a little light started shining, and I started to follow a few authors/readers, who really reached out and helped me spread the word about my work. I’ve met so many amazing people within the community, so don’t discourage, there’s people out there who will care about you, and your work!

Reach out and ask for help, there will always be somebody willing to help, because ultimately they are/or has been in the same situation as you.


Getting onto Twitter, changed everything for me.

I met a co-author and she asked me to do an author interview of her, and I did. I loved it, and shared the word about it, and I came by two of my most important Writing Friends, and Co-Authors. 🙂

Both of them changed my writing progress, and my life in someway.

I got uplifting words, and a great and outstanding review for my book. One of them, was brutally honest, and told me that my good story needed work, causing us to start the first professional and beta work of my first book; The Metanoia Phases.

Being a writer/author is hard, but it’s harder without friends and encouragements, it is so important to find this within the community. And luckily the community is amazing!

  • It alters books and lives. I am grateful everyday for the company I keep, and the friends I cherish so deeply.

The best part about friends, besides being uplifted is the amazing encouragement with all your crazy ideas. And my two good friends, jumped head first into my crazy idea of a Book Club, which ultimately led us to the launching of Books Of All Shades, our joined book club.

Which gives me an incredible sensation, being able to find friends is amazing, but helping authors is even more incredible. With this club, we will take in any Indie Author book, providing the author and their book with THREE FREE REVIEWS!


There’s more facts about Books Of All Shades, in my BLOG-POST, or on twitter and Instagram. Feel Free to contact our incredible group!! 🙂

WritersLifesWork Signing Off…



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