5 nano tips.



National Novel Writing Month, is an incredible opportunity for new writers, as well as experienced, to test their writing abilities, or simply get their lovely book ideas out there.

I attended for the second time this November, and let’s just say, that my first experience with it in July was terrible. I FAILED BIG TIME! So, I changed my ways of doing it differently. And I WON this time around, so here’s my 5 Tips to give you an idea of what to do if you are planning on attending NaNoWriMo2019, as I will too.

It’s a hard challenge, but you will learn so much about yourself, and your ability to write, and achieve what you set your mind on. So with no further adieu here’s my tips on how I WON NaNoWriMo2018!

WritersLifesWork’s 5 Nanowrimo Tips:

#1: Planning!

Before even attending Nano, there’s a lot of planning, and this is categorized as Nano Prep. Before you start Nano, you will have to sign up for Nanowrimo, and ad your novel, (Everything will be explained on the page). When all the practical stuff is dealt with, comes the planning.

50.000 Words is A LOT especially if you’re not use to keeping up with a word-count. I used the past year, before Nano, testing myself and getting used to a word-count of first 500 words per day, then 750W and ultimately I ended on around a 1000 words. This is a great challenge to see how much you can do word wise. So, here’s an incredible opportunity to test yourself before the NaNo2019.

Another good advice, is to do Word-Sprints; to test how much you can write down in a certain town, and how fast you’re actually writing, it’s a good challenge, to see what you can do, when you really push yourself.
50K is a hard mark for you to hit, especially if you don’t have a plan! This July I signed up, got my novel idea ready and everything, BUT my BIGGEST mistake was, that I didn’t plan anything. And I was working a Full-Time job along this, and when July 1st hit, I hadn’t even outlined my novel, so fourteen days into Nano, without a single word written down, I had to call quits! And it sucked, but I learned from this. Outlining is a huge part of the planning, but you essentially plan out what you want for your story and your chapters.

And as it goes for Outlining, I learned about Intently Writing, from a great and talented Author-Friend. This allowed me to outline everything simple, and not too descriptive, saving A WHOLE LOT of time!

So, this time around I had my outline in order, and I planed out every word count I had, adding it to each day of the month of November. This added up to a count of 2000 words per day, minus a few days, where I allowed myself to take some time off.
#2: Allow Yourself To Stop!

Writing can be a struggle at times, especially if you have to force it. If you find yourself in a situation where you get stuck, or your mind goes blank, allow yourself to step back and take a break. So, if you find yourself staring at that blinking marker for hours, step back and breath. Everything Will Be Okay!

It’s not a defeat, stepping back and recharging. There were days through my NaNo-Journey, where I was simply to tired to write, and then I skipped the day, and got a good cup of hot chocolate, relaxing my mind, and it help tremendously.
If you give yourself the time to relax, it will actually improve your writing too, if you are tired and force the words, it’s often no good at all.

You can always catch up! 🙂
#3: Encouragements.

Writing in general can be a tough craft to master, and that goes for Nanowrimo as well, but luckily there’s an incredible Writing Community out there, waiting to take you into it’s warm and loving grasp.

Sign up for NanoCamps, or reach out to people on Social Medias, they are always opened handed, because most of them knows what you’re going through attending Nano themselves.

So, if you ever find yourself struggling or simply just need a friend inside the field, reach out and cry out for help! Because someone will listen. Some of my biggest progress, came from the encouragements I received. And I found a great support team, in my fellow author friends, and one special girl kept encouraging greatly. – Emily, thanks for you! Go check her out! @aquintillionwords

#4: Stay Focused!

There’s so many things, that can take your focus away as a writer. You will always have a reason not to write, but if you keep focus and press on, incredible things can come out of it. And here’s the example of encouragement golden.

My incredible friend, and Editor; (Edits From The Other Side – @theothersideeb) Once told me to turn off my phone, shut the door, and lock out the world, simply to focus on my work, and I did. It was a great help. I love to write with music in my ears, so I plugged in my headset, and shut everything else out, and dived into the words. And the sensation was incredible.

Once you find your form of focus, it’s golden and you can do so much with that. Focus and motivation is the key!
#5: Keep Going!

There will ALWAYS be times where you find yourself struggling, and everything will feel hopeless, and you just wanna roll up and die! But, luckily that will pass. – What I do when this happens, is take a deep breath, save what I got stuck on, and keep going on to the next part/chapter.

The most important thing is to Keep Going, and Write Everything Down! I have the memory of a Goldfish, so I HAVE to write every single thing down, otherwise it will vanish from my mind, and be lost forever.

Even though you made your outline, and your plan doesn’t mean that you are stuck on the order of how things should be written in. If an amazing idea pops into your mind, an idea that goes better in the beginning or later on, then just move it. Some people may not agree and tell you that there are writing rules, and what not. But, I am a person who loves to break the rules, so my response will always be; Fuck It, go back or forward, and do whatever the Fuck you want! It’s your story after all!
This is my Five Tips to having a great and productive experience with Nanowrimo, and if you Plan, Work Hard and Keep Going, you WILL be a WINNER TOO!!


WritersLifesWork signing off…



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