Books of All Shades!

So, today Writer’s Life’s Work is excited to present a new project.

Along with my incredible friend, and writing co-worker Jay Gladstone, and the amazing Author-To-Be Emily Quinn, we would all like to announce this mysterious, and exciting new thing we have been coming up with. Our new BOOK CLUB!


Well, actually it was my ideas; I’m not sure if the two of them, are tagging along for the pity, that I would be standing alone, or that they think it’s a good idea. 😉

Anyway, we are so excited to announce the book club; Books of All Shades, to be OPEN.

So, what is this book club really, is it like any other? Heck no, with the team we have put together; there’s fun, teasing, encouragement, support and lots of laughter. We haven’t met in real life, yet! But, I kind of feel like I have known the two of them, for the longest time.

The main focus about this book club, aside from reading more books ourselves, we would like to kill two birds with one stone, (I know dark humor, Jay and I have that in common, it’s addicting, haha!) We all agree, that it’s so IMPORTANT! To help other, struggling Indie Authors, getting their work out there, spreading the words, giving a review, it is so crucial to Indie Writer/Authors to get a review, and getting new eyes to their work.

So, we figured that by us reading indie books, we would bring not only one, but THREE REVIEWS (or maybe more) to the author’s book. We have all learned how important it is to have a support system within this writing world, and the writing community is amazing. People are so nice, and helpful. Spread out greatness, and it will all come back to you tenfold!

We will all agree on a book, and then have around two weeks to read it, then we will share out thoughts on it, and each make a rating, and a review on the sites needed; Goodreads, Amazon, Blogs.. You name it!

A little about the crazy bunch!

Justin Jay Gladstone, is the determined, and hard-working, successful author of The Other Side. I absolutely loved his book, and getting to know him better, made me love his book even more, there’s depth, mystery and even a little danger.

Follow Him! – @TheOtherSideEB


Emily Quinn, is one of the sweetest, and caring persons I’ve met, (I kind of feel Jay rolling his eyes at me for saying this, but she is.. Cliché, maybe but who cares!) She amazing, and I have yet to read her novel, The Kind Stranger which she has yet to write. I’m ecstatic to see what she comes up with, and I know she will do find in this years Nanowrimo.

Follow Her! –  @QuintillionEm

These two are proof, that it’s possible creating great friendships within the world of writing.

And then, there’s me.
Maria E. L. Thomassen.

My story is actually a trilogy, about a princess, who has every odds against her, fantasy, mystery and excitement. That is at the moment, called back to the drawing board. I have teamed up with the incredible Mr. Gladstone, to create magic with his mind, and my own, so I guess I have yet to see what that turns out to be as well. So, you will have to stay tuned, and see what pops up on in here, and on my sites.

And I like the fact, that Em and I are starting this journey together, supporting each other, being watched from above by the Master Mind, Jay! Haha, 😉

Let’s hear it from them; why they think this is a good ideas, and what they think we will gain from this;

Miss Quinn;

The day Maria told us about her idea really made me stop and think; just imagine the support and encouragement we could give new indie authors at the most crucial time in their writing careers! I for one always appreciate honest feedback, so our little book club will give new authors the best constructive criticisms and a chance to really shine through with their work. The ability to give an author multiple reviews on different platforms can sometimes take an age, so I think the club will really help give a big push on that and help an author build an awareness of their book(s) and themselves. The more people who join us, the more we get to help others just like ourselves to promote their novels and provide some of the most honest and sincere reviews around.

As well as our desire to help the authors of today, we’ll also be able to gain a lot from the club. As budding authors ourselves, Maria, Jay and I will really be able to benefit from reading the work of others and as any author knows, reading is the best research! It’s also a great way to make friends with other authors and writers, and to create one big happy community.
Mr. Gladstone;

I’m really excited for what this book club is to become. I expect to meet a lot of fellow writers, indie authors, and fellow readers. I look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions on ‘good’ books. 🙂 
So, if you’re looking to join a book club of the crazy and fun kind, this bunch would be a perfect match for you, however you will have to be quick, the spots are limited. We mean to keep the limit to 7 people, so hurry up and get the remaining four spots.

And also; if you are a struggling indie author, looking for a review or have ideas on someone who might, give us a ping, and show us your ideas.

If you have any questions, you can contact either of us on social media, (however if you wanna join, and get into our joined chat group on Whatsapp, you might need Jay.) Em and I are not so good friends with that app. 🙂
– We can’t wait to hear from you guys.


Happy Writing & Reading from Books by All Shades!

Maria, Emily and Jay

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