Book Review!

Book Review; The Other Side
by Justin Jay Gladstone/Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg.

The Other Side 1

Through out my life, I haven’t been reading too many books, (I know, shame on me, I am working on it!). But this book did something to me, even before I started reading it.

I came by Jay through instagram, and the way he wrote was so different and captivating, and I immediately knew I would love his book, because of my own believe in the universe and such.

This world he build… Where do I even begin… Everything jumps in time between planets, and though it might seem weird and confusing, it is truly amazing. Jay is an incredible author, his mind is a gift, and his way of creating things with words is inspiring. There’s a lot about time and space, and dates in this book, and to be honest I was confused at first. What an amazing job he did, by keeping track of everything, bravo!!!

He paints a wonderful ‘Worture’. (Picture with words). 🙂
He creates tension, excitement, and even a little danger.

He uses something I have never seen in books before, QR-codes. He paints a picture with words so wonderfully, and then suddenly a code, you scan it, and get a picture of what Jay imagined himself, so you can see if your imagination were close to his, or completely far off. I think he did a great job, showing me what he was seeing himself, instead of telling about it.

We follow a young and confused guy names Leon, he’s been diagnosed with a mental illness, and enrolls in something called the Earthshine Facility, and I like to think of the facility as Area 51, you don’t really know what is really going on in there, not at first at least.
Every character is ratable, and you instantly form a connection with Leon, but still you ask the questions; What the heck, is going on?
Will your questions be answer, well I guess you will have to dive into this amazing tale.

He suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar place, robbed of his freedom, he is doomed to stay in a place that is not his home, will he ever make it home, or will the Lunae Lux guards find and capture him. Everything is a battle against time, and unknown enemies. Who can you trust, when you can’t even trust yourself, and the voice in your head.

The Other Side, is a wonderful story about a guy, who gets his worlds, turned upside down, literately. You follow everything he goes through, and I kind of felt bad for him a first, and then I blamed him a little bit for what happens, but then everything changed, and I was back at feeling sorry for him. It’s an exciting and emotional ride, poor Leon. What ever will happen to him in the end?

I can’t wait to read what ever comes next from Jay.

Everybody owe it to themselves to read this book!

This book truly deserves the top of the scale;





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