Selfless & Kind

Helpful Thursday.

My advice for today is to, step out into the world with you work and let people honestly tell you what they think.

There’s so many selfless and kind people out there, in this incredible writing community.

But, in my opinion, you have to be selfless and kind yourself, to receive the same. Offer to read peoples work, always offer a helping hand. Help each other in the best way possible.


People have a tendency to tell how horrible and bad people’s work are. You can deliver a honest response and review with gentle words. Imagine, the way you would have delivered the words for your own book. There will always be people who won’t like your book, and that is okay. Not everybody has the same taste and style as you. But, deliver your words humbled and selfless.


Always be kind, not everyone will be kind to you. But, keep kindness toward everybody and their work. If you don’t like what you read, that’s fine, but tell people in a gentle way. Help them to do better.

So, we kind and brave, share some of your ideas and work with people you trust in the writing community, if you are helpful and kind, then people will have a tendency to do the same!!

Happy Thursday.

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