Author In The Making!

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you!

The Author In The Making; Emily Quinn.


I came to know Emily through Social Media. In my opinion Emily is a sweet and caring girl, with a great love of Spyro, The Dragon and a deep passion for writing. I haven’t written one bit of her growing story, but I am intrigued by her person and her way of writing amazing Blog Posts. So, I decided to share a little about her and her work in progress.


You can follow her journey on her incredible blog, and Twitter & Instagram, Give her a follow and support.

My blog:




I asked Emily a few questions, which she answered with style and personality.


  1. What inspired you to start your story/stories?

I’ve always thought that being an author was such a cool thing. Having a physical book that you’ve written with your name all over it? What more could you want?! I used to love writing as a kid. My dad told me to try writing my own story one day and ever since then, my love of words continued to grow. I began writing aged around 6 or 7, working on silly stories about animals, friends and all things magical. Moving on quite a few years and here I am. I’ve read more books lately and am so proud to say that my new author friends have given me so much inspiration to get something published, which is why I am working very hard to get there.


  1. What’s your favourite writing place/spot?

It’s not always possible, but I do really like being in a big empty space to write. I like being in a place where distractions are minimal and a place where there aren’t any people. In the middle of a field is ideal! Other than that, I think my favourite writing spot has been on a sunbed next to a swimming pool in Tenerife with the sun blazing. Bliss!


  1. How did you choose the name for your book(s)?

My current story title, The Kind Stranger, came about after my good friend and colleague told me about an “embarrassing” event that happened on her way to work. She stopped off to get petrol and soon realised that her bank card didn’t work. A man kindly offered to pay for her petrol and left her his details so she could pay him back later. She called him a ‘kind stranger’ which she was very embarrassed about, but if she didn’t, this story wouldn’t be in the making right now!


  1. Your favourite writing soundtrack/song?

I love listening to my favourite TV show or video game soundtracks while I write. Something instrumental that I can’t sing along to! At the moment, I have a Spotify playlist containing tracks from Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Spyro, Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank.


  1. Which genre is your book, and why did you pick that?

I’d say my book has a few different genres complied into one! Eventually, I think it’ll be classed as a kind of ‘murder mystery’ type novel. It’s something I’ve never played around with before and writing out of my comfort zone is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m really enjoying it so far!


  1. What type are you; Scrivener or Word?

I would love to say I was the Scrivener type, but I’m afraid my organisational skills when it comes to writing are not amazing yet! I eventually want to move to Scrivener (or an equivalent) but I’m now actually a Google Docs kinda gal at the moment. I’ve lost too much work over the years using Word and Google Docs always saves my work for me, which is nice 😊


  1. How would you promote your novel in the best way?

This is something I really am a beginner in. My novel isn’t finished yet, so this is something I’ve not looked into too much. The new authors I’ve met along my writing journey seem to really do well across social media, carrying out live streams, making their novel available for purchase on sites such as Amazon and slowly getting more and more positive book reviews. We’ll get there!


  1. What gave you the idea of the plot of your novel/book?

When I decided on the name for my book, I had a think of all the different possibilities. ‘The Kind Stranger’ didn’t have to be kind. Nor did he have to be a stranger! (No spoilers…) I then had a think about of my favourite stories, the ones I thought I’d never be able to write for myself. Dexter sprang to mind! My head then slowly became filled with ideas and my plot was formed perfectly!


  1. Who’s your writing mascot, if you have any?

I would love to say my dog…but I don’t have one! But I have a little Spyro the Dragon clay model which was made for me by my better half. He’s always sat next to me on my table, whispering words of encouragement 😊


  1. What are your dreams/wishes for this book?

My short term wish is that I can keep up with writing a small section each day on this novel, no matter how many words I contribute. I want to continue feeling the excitement I feel each time I pick up my laptop. My long term goal is to have my book printed, so I can hold a copy in my hands and say, “I wrote this”. Can I also say I want to see it on the shelves of book stores later down the line? Time will only tell.


  1. How did you plan on reaching your readers?

Social media is a powerful thing, so starting there is where I will most likely begin that journey…when I reach it! As I’m not quite at this stage yet, I will probably do my research and contact a few other authors and professionals for advice. Amazon and Goodreads also seem to be the place to grow your following!


  1. Traditional or Self-Publish, why?

In an ideal world, I’d love a book publisher to approach me and say, “We’d love to publish your book!” But honestly, I am open to both methods of publishing. There are definitely benefits of each, so when the time comes, I’ll definitely consider both.


  1. What does it say on your favourite cup?

I’m not an avid tea or coffee drinker, so you’d probably find me with a big old water bottle with the quote “Start writing, no matter what”. I must start drinking hot drinks…


  1. Tell your readers one thing about yourself.

I’ll tell you two!

Funny (but cute) thing: I love animals and I have two pet chickens called Rhubarb and Custard.

Serious thing: When I have my mind set on something, I don’t let it go very easily. I look forward to the future of my story writing and I am so excited to see where it takes me!

I seriously can’t wait to read Emily’s coming books!

She’s an incredible girl, isn’t she? So give her a like and a follow!

Thank You So Much for joining me on WritersLifesWork! Emily Quinn, ladies and gentlemen!









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