Author Interview! With An Incredible Mind.

Attention, Attention… Do I have big news for you! Calling out from the deepest, most undiscovered and possibly incredibly exciting parts of Time, Space and Multiverse.

In this edition of Author Interview, I will introduce to you;

Justin Jay Gladstone /\ Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg

Justine right sideJustin left side

  • Let me just ad a little side note to this. How amazing is it, that he flipped his name, mirroring it to make in my opinion a twist to the fact, that the story plays out in a MIRROR WORLD!

Well, back to the point, Justin’s story is called; The Other Side.

The Other Side 1


Look at that, It’s got a lot going for it, but with the different phases of the moons, and mirroring, it definitely had me intrigued, it is definitely going on my TBR! How about you?

Wanna get a little preview, check out the intriguing BOOK TRAILER!


You can follow him, and his incredible mind on;

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Give him a like, and a follow. The writing community is an incredible source, and we should stick together, helping with the means and abilities, that we have.

Justin contacted me, due to a post on Twitter, where I was searching for people to interview. I have been interviewed a few times myself, and I enjoyed it. The questions, and of course the five minutes in the spot light! But, then it occurred to me, that I wanted to do the same for other people. Giving them a hand, and a short time in the spot light, as well.

So of course, since I’m going to interview him, I cooked together some questions, and I also checked out a little on his pages. He seems like a kind of mysterious guy, with a great and expanded mind. I have no idea about this fact, but I think that he could be into some of the same believes as myself; believing in the alternative; Spirituality, The Moon’s power of energy, and that we are not alone out in this great and amazing universe. Reading the questions, he answered, I got a taste of his mind, and oh my was I taken aback. The way he seemed to see, and interpret the world is outstanding. As I first saw him, I saw a guy with a great and intelligent mind, but also, ( I might be very wrong on this, but I’ll go for it) a troubled or tried mind, in which he uses to bring out the greatest stories, to share with the world, and himself, but in someway also the universe. – I know, I know, this might make me sound like a completely lunatic, but what the hell, we gotta be different to stand out, and let’s all Just Live A Little.

So, I won’t let you guys wait any longer, I will give to you; Justin and his off the chards answers, which I was deeply impressed with.


  1. What inspired you to start your story/stories?

It all started…With a question. 10 years ago, in the ending of Winter, I walked into a community college with my mother. I left the computer room to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom didn’t have a door, and the hallway itself was shaped like an ‘L’. The light hardly crept in so it looked very murky. When I looked into the dank and dusty mirror, a voice in my head asked; “What if there was a world that reflected ours within that mirror?”

I was so shocked from the sudden rush of the idea, that I ran back to the computer room and wrote every thought that I had from that point on. The ten long years have created a book series that spans past 10 books.

  1. How did you choose your name for your book/books?

Over the first two years of writing the book, the first names were ‘The Amulet’, ‘The Mirror’ and many other obscure names that implied a story regarding duality.

The Other Side became the official title after realizing that many of the characters in the story were using it in dialogue. Plus, it was simple, and it fits many themes and puns at once.

  1. Describe your novel/book with three simple words.

A mirror world.

  1. Which genre is your book, and why did you pick that?

It’s very hard to pick a specific genre for the entirety of the book, but I can mention the themes that appear a few more times than the others. I describe it as a fantasy thriller influenced by science fiction. These themes appear most because of what I’ve been a fan of when I was younger. I love space, and everything involving it. I’m fascinated with the many possibilities regarding time and the multiverse.

The story itself is banded with elements from my personal life and the fantasy within, is a science fiction that I’ve always wished to experience.

  1. Who is your favorite kind of character to write?

A character or characters with humor. I love characters that flow together and ones that tease one another about traits. It symbolizes the friendships we have in our day to day lives. Humor is the key to one’s heart. I feel like the right amount of humor in anything can help a character express hidden truths, as well as their ways of exposing their coping methods for what is painful. If a character can make you laugh, they can most certainly make you cry.

  1. Signature line.

“See you, on the other side!”

  1. Your best writing tip, for struggling writers?

My best writing tip, is not to put so much thought into writing.

Ironic, I know. I’ll never be the one to tell someone not to plan, but I think that there’s a certain depth we should attain before delving too far.

We should search for a story, not the people inside. I feel like imagination can be exhausted if we simply try to paint traits and motives right then and there for a character.

It’s a lot of pressure trying to play god, and that goes for both ends. I sympathize for the characters in this case, because they were just thrown into the middle of our planning.

We try so hard to influence the character to be exactly what we want them to be. But when you think about it, aren’t we and our characters a result of what we’ve seen and witnessed all of our lives? I feel that events are more powerful than we, so why let our characters be shaped by us, when they can be shaped by the inevitable- The events of our story? Let your characters be shaped by that story.

  1. Tell a little about the main characters.

The focus is on a boy named Leon J. Granttley, who was diagnosed with split personality disorder when he was younger. He claims to hear a voice in his mind who possesses him to follow after abnormal or unwanted desires. He’s heard the voice since his childhood, and is sent to a place known as The Earthshine Facility to cope with this.

Within this facility, there are three ranks; Pawns, Bishops, & Knights.

At this point in the story, Leon is a Bishop, who is about to become a Knight. However, he and everyone else within the facility haven’t the slightest clue as to what any of the ranks mean.

Regardless, without graduating to the status of a Knight, Leon will never see the end to his torment at the mental institution, or the voice in his mind… so he’s told…

  1. If you had to compare your book/books to a movie or a series, which would it be?

Oh, I like this question. I’ve got to say Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. So what I mentioned is an anime, but I compare it most to that because the themes are very very similar. I first watched this series in 2012, but felt that the tv show was a marvelous medley of humor, intensity, and character development. I learned a lot from watching this show, and thanks to it, was able to give The Other Side, better layering. If you haven’t watched, you’ve missed out. Thankfully we have the internet.

  1. What are your biggest tool to spreading the word, about your book?

Our biggest tool is the main concept of the story itself. The story delves into a world that reflects ours, so my primary focus is having everyone delve into the story of The Other Side, so they not only see what the characters encounter, but also so that people can envision themselves within the story.

Can you fathom a world where people on this other side reflect you? A world where their happiness would equal your sadness? Sure you can. We all can, and that’s the greatest tool to the story. Our imagination to picture ourselves in this opposite plane.

I feel like that with that information, people will wonder what really happens, on the other side.

  1. What’s the meaning of your book title?

The meaning of The Other Side can mean many things. It can mean; The other side of the mirror, or the other side of you, the other side of our feelings- There are many ways to interpret it. I see the title like each of the galaxies, never-ending, boundless, and infinite in sight.

To me, it means everything.

  1. Your favorite writing soundtrack song?

Oh, I’ve got one too many. But I do have a few that I’ve designated for each book. I actually don’t listen to artists or bands when I write. I save them sometimes for driving. That is unless they’ve composed VGM (video game music) written without words and just pure instruments. As for the choice of VGM, it’d really depend my mood overall, and the mood of the story itself. (This includes the cutscene)

So lets say I were writing a dramatic cutscene with heavy dialogue. For this moment I would pick the (ost) original sound track from Fmab (Fullmetal Alchemist)

For anything regarding scenery, I’d pick The Legend of Zelda’s soundtrack, and for anything requiring buildups, or constant reoccurring themes, I’d pick Yoko Shimomura’s soundtrack within Kingdom Hearts. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Who’s your writing mascot, if you have any, (a pet maybe)?

Hmm, I’ve only met one other person with a writing mascot, and she would be my friend Alyssa. Though, I’ve heard of such a term until I met her. I actually do not have one.

  1. Give the readers a fun fact about the book.

This main novel is to be accompanied by its companion, Equilibrium & Chaos. The contents within this said book, will help describe and show many of the things that a character would need to survive or function properly in this opposite world.



The incredible Nitsuj Yaj Enotsdalg even gave us a little insight in what we could be looking forward to in his two-sided, and mirrored book.

Inside One



Inside Two

A huge Thank You to Justin/\Nitsuj for joining me on WritersLifesWork today!!!

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