Person of Inspiration.

Today, I will share with you how this wonderful journey started for me, and who inspired me the most, of our amazing selection of writers/authors.

There’s a great list of names to take from, when we mention authors.

I’m a sucker for Nicholas Sparks, yet he wasn’t the one who inspired me the most. I admire the voice and style of F. Scott Fitzgerald. He saw the world different, and sadly he never got around to see how great he became, and how loved he is today.

But, my number one pick is; The incredible Lisa Jane Smith, (L.J. Smith). 

I have a little secret to tell you, to begin with when I heard out Smith, I honestly throught she was a man, why I did so, I have no idea. But then it occured to me, that she was a SHE. Which made her so much cooler in some way. My first discovery of Smith, was through the incredible and exciting series; The Vampire Diaries. I loved the story, and the characters. As the first three season was swallowed, I searched a bit about L.J. and came by The Secret Circle. I received the first two books as a birthday gift, and literately read through the first in one day. Lucky, I had the second, and dived right into that one as well, but then I finished that one, and didn’t have the other, what to do? So, I couldn’t may to buy the printed box, so I got the entire series as E-books, and read all of them in two weeks. I loved the story, the world of magic, but most importantly Her Voice.

I was greatly inspired by her voice, and her pacing. But, my journey goes back way beyond L.J. Smith. Fifteen years ago, I watched the movie or short series; The 10th Kingdom, and a little idea appeared in my mind. I have always adored actors like; Hugh Jackman, Kevin Back, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds… And, a whole lot more… So, at that time I was playing with the idea of becoming an actress, and had a short acting course, and my teacher set me down, and asked why, I didn’t make a story with all these amazing actors, create a world and make them interact with each other. And at that time, I had already started my very first draft, three months earlier.

My story have changed A LOT, through the years, like A LOT, A LOT.

I wrote the first draft, and finished the un-edited book, and then my computer crashed and everything was destroyed, Talk About An Author’s Nightmare. Oh My God, I literately cried as I realized, that I had to start all over, but then when I wrote what I could remember, and some new stuff too, I realized that it had all become so much better. But as my luck, or lack of such would have it.

Yeah, guess what!!! It all happened one more time. My old sucky, computer crashed again. Lucky, I was gifted with my first Laptop and started ALL OVER AGAIN! But, as the first time, this time everything became so much better.

My first language isn’t english, but Danish so my first draft was in danish, and I actually finished three drafts/books only at the count of between 80-100 pages in a A4 size, which wasn’t a lot to begin with. But, then I stopped and thought; No, something is wrong with this. Danish is a difficult language, everything sounds different in Danish, obviously! But, since basically all the characters were either american, canandian or english actors, I made a decision, that I would rewrite all the books, in english. It took a lot of time, and lot of work. But, when it was all done, it was so much greater. Some things, simply sounds so much better in english, than petty danish.

And then the adventure evolved, and I ended up with NINE books of what was that time called; Dragonfly, with nine different under-titles. Then, I made changes again and cooked the nine books down to TWO, and then May of last year, I decided that this wouldn’t just be a hobby of mine. I wanted to do it right, so I almost started from scratch. I outlined, and made characters descriptions, world building, you name it. And I changed the name of the books, and some characters. A friend of mine introduced me to descriptive writing. Where I started using SENSES. And much more descriptive, and professional writing. And then my world changed. I rewrote the first book in seven months. And started the edits, creation of a print format. And started working with a cover designer, and then late December, my dream came true, and I self-Published my first novel. The Second was basically written, so that didn’t take me long to write either. The third was like starting over, coming up with all new ideas, and plots.

So, I decided to give myself a Deadline, I would finished the last and third book in six months. It was a struggle, but a very good motivation, and a great way to push my limits.

I gave myself the daily wordcount of 750 words, which didn’t seem like a lot, but when you have a full-time job along with your writing life, it takes a lot of your time, so I found myself struggling at time; being a week behind on my schedule. But, then I just knocked one out of the park, and wrote like crazy, to maintaine my deadline goal. And I accomplished it, and finished the book.

It’s amazing how much a year can do to a person, and I have learned so much in that year, and I am still learning. There’s no flawless author in the world, anybody can do what they set their minds to; If only they believe enough in themselves. I have doubts, great doubts, often long periods of time… I even have moments, where I think; Fuck this shit, I’m no good, nobody will like my books, I might as well burn it all to the ground. Luckily, I also have my sanity, at least for now! HAHA. I take a deep breath, and tell myself; Everything Will Be Okay. My stories are great, and they will reach the world. I am trying to work to bring them outthere, but it’s not something that comes in a night.

But, I can tell you one thing; I WILL NOT QUIT!

















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