The Meaning Of…

The Meaning and story behind WritersLife’sWork.

I have always been fond of Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton, in their studies both mention their line of work as Life’s Work which inspired me to call my work, My Life’s Work.

And what better name to have for a blog then that; I wish to help people who have been struggling like me, and share my passion and work with the world.

I think that to every writer/author their writing and book babies, is their Life’s Work. So, I encourage you all to share you work and passion as your Life’s Work.


“Da Vinci never slept, he said it was a waste of time.” 

I guess every writer, or anybody working to accomplish their goals. Know the struggle of staying up all night, to type those amazing words, pouring down buckets of Coffee.

From the spirit of the great Leonardo Da Vinci, and me… Rise above it all and create your biggeste and most amazing Writer’s Life’s Work. 




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