TMP 3 – Chapter One.

Chapter One. Ripple of Shock


A spread of panic crawled through the room, as my father returned with troubling news; he stood before us as the strong king he was, but his face was troubled, which concerned me greatly. My eyes met with Damon’s in a joined nod.

The sun was setting, and the civil twilight was slowly settling over the land. At the horizon, clouds were forming and building up like glorious mountains. The Moon was beginning to show over the cloudy mountain. The car was driving fast on the highway. I gazed over at Damon, he ripped his eyes from the road to me, then back. I could sense the anger build within him, as we were drawing closer to Marblehead, we were holding our breaths, unaware what to expect.

An evil grin spread on Evaline’s face entering the cave; her eyes turned to Damon, who squinted back at her.

“They’re coming for you!”

Her laughter echoed in the cave ceiling, sending a cold chill through me, she leaned forward in her seat, as her black hair framed her pale face, she was staring straight at him.

“They will be here all of them… …You should never have changed my son…” She started shaking her head at him, leaning back in her seat, satisfied. Damon narrowed his eyes, as the fury built inside him.

“There’s no power on Earth, that can stop me from protecting my family…” He drew in a deep and heavy breath, stepping closer as he spoke.

“…I finally have everything, and there’s no way in hell that anybody is gonna take that away!” He added strongly, squatting down in front of her, his eyes lifted to hers, with a wondering stare.

“Where is he?” He wondered, her laugh grew more vicious, shaking her head.

Damon glanced at me over his shoulder, standing up. He reached me, dragging me outside. He stepped a few feet away from me, placing his hands at his sides, viewing over the horizon, shaking his head. With careful steps, I came closer, placing a calming hand on his shoulder; in a quick move, he turned to face me with another sigh.

“We’re not gonna get anything out of her; we have no leverage… …let’s go back!” He scoffed, sending me an apologetic look. He blamed himself for losing the leverage when he turned Donovan, she had nothing to lose anymore.

My father drew in a deep breath, almost holding it seeing Damon and I in his presence again, Damon shook his head, and my father let out a deep sigh. He turned his eyes to my mother, nodding to her.

She stepped outside, holding out her arms with eyes closed, whispering; Lovem, ego invocabo te.

A thunderbolt flashed across the sky and vibrations were slightly shaking the ground. Three bright beams of light flashed down; Zeus, Perseus, and Theseus raised before her; standing strongly with one hand behind their back and one on the chest, bowing their heads humbly, to the Queen before them. Zeus reached his arms toward his long-lost daughter, pulling her closer as his lips touched her forehead in a fatherly love; he held out his arm, she wrapped hers around it; guiding them inside.

Everybody was gathered as they appeared in The Heart; creating a light in the room. My father stepped humbly in front of Zeus, bowing his head in a nod, which Zeus returned with an equally respectful nod. Theseus and Perseus stood loyally beside him with hands behind their back.

“Almighty Zeus, we seek your guidance… a way to defeat this darkness upon us…” Zeus stood in silence for a while. The halo-ish light from his aura seemed brighter now. My eyes sneaked to Perseus and Theseus, two heroes; their Roman Armor gave them a frightening appearance, their aura light wasn’t as bright as Zeus’, but their skin was shining like gold. Zeus’ eyes turned to me, then back to my father.

“There might be something you can do… …do you still have the ability syringe?” He wondered, my father answered with a nod.

Ryan and Hayden went to the vault in the basement to retrieve the syringe, coming back Ryan was holding a black wooden box. My eyes traveled from him to Hayden, then Damon sharing a nod, we joined hands, closing our eyes. In a rush, we appeared in front of the caves at Marblehead.

My heart was beating faster, and a gasp left my mouth, as blood left my head, spinning the room. Coming into the cave… The ropes were lying on the floor… Evaline was gone!

Disbelief crawled to Hayden and Ryan’s faces. Damon’s breath became heavy, as angry grunts left him. He bolted to the chair, throwing it across the room, it hit the wall in a loud crash, splintering into pieces. Ryan went to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, his breathing lowered. That incredible ability Charlie had amplified within his father was now visible to us. Hayden stepped closer to the two of them, wondering what the hell to do now. The leader Ryan was, tried to calm both, as we joined hands again, rushing back to The Heart.

As we appeared in the middle of the room, it went quiet; everybody turned their attention to us. Ryan lifted the box toward my father, who moved his eyes to the box, then quickly back to Ryan, who lowered his head for a while, before lifting his eyes humbly, revealing what we had discovered in the caves.

Shocking gasps flooded through the room, and my heart sunk a little. Everything was spiraling out of control, with Donovan and Evaline released my fears about her plans were confirmed.

Whisper spread in The Heart; concerned chattering was exchanged, as my father, Zeus and the SPF was figuring out what to do. They were standing by the stage, whispering in arguments. My eyes turned to Captain Stevens by one of the columns; he leaned against it with his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes turned to me as I approached him, he had a suspicious look, coming all the way to him, my arms crossed over my chest too, standing by his side. I viewed the room, and my entire family gathered; this room would always bring us together for happy occasions, but tonight the room was filled with worry and concern. My eyes flashed back to him; this certain look remained on his face like he knew something he wouldn’t want to share. His hypnotic blue eyes flashed to me, faking a smile. What the hell did he know?

“You know something!” I hinted, surprising him.

“What… no…!” He exclaimed, narrowing his eyes, lifting his shoulders almost to his ears, he was hiding something, but he didn’t seem concerned about me wanting to know, he seemed concerned by what he was hiding… I tilted my head at him, not quitting so easily. As his eyes met with mine. He sighed; knowing all too well, when I put my mind on something I wouldn’t let it go.

“God, sometimes I hate you for your goddamn stubbornness!” He whispered to me, his arms fell to his sides as he observed the group by the stage, then moved his eyes back to me, stepping closer, holding his head close to mine, with his hands on my arms.

“I’m concerned about Mel!” He confessed, flashing his eyes at her; my eyes followed his to Melissa standing among Katie, Jill, and Lexi. In a quick move, my eyes returned to him frowning my eyebrows with wonder.

“She has been acting strange lately, she seemed so happy a few months ago when we started going out, but now…” He paused trying to find the words to explain, leaving out a sigh. “…She’s sneaking out at night… …always talking on the phone, when I question her about it, she always pushes it off or says it’s work….” He moved his eyes to Mel and the group of girls. “…A few weeks ago, I tried to reach her… …I called her work….” He went quiet again; I squinted at Melissa. “…. She wasn’t there.”

My eyes quickly turned to him again with a wondering look. “…She hadn’t been to work for months.” It seemed like the shock of that phone call rushed over him all over again, leaving me concerned.

“Please don’t tell anybody… not yet at least, I wanna know more about it first.” His eyes were serious as they gazed at me, I simply nodded.

Suddenly Ryan appeared by our side, telling Jake they were about to take off, to see if they could find anything from the air.

Jake nodded, putting his hand on my arm, gently giving it a squeeze before taking off. Ryan seemed to wonder about his behavior, as his eyes followed Jake. When he was out of sight, his eyes turned back to me. My concerned face troubled him, as he pulled me into his embrace; he didn’t speak, because he knew that no words could take away that concern. Placing my head on his chest, I could hear his steady heartbeat; he was always so cool. He was the leader; he didn’t show his weakness. His soft lips kissed my hair, his upper body pulled away from mine, telling me that he and the guys would be alright. Our lips met in a tender kiss; then he took off.

Jake’s statement about Mel, remained in my mind, troubling me. My eyes turned to her and the girls again; they were standing with arms crossed over their chests, chatting concerned. I strolled to them; Jill seemed relieved to see me. Katie and my eyes met in a faked smile, before I squinted at Melissa, then back at Jillian, who waited for me to tell her what was going on. I tried to assure her that the guys would be fine and that we would find Evaline and Donovan. I knew she wasn’t satisfied with that answer, but at that point, I didn’t know what else to tell them. I wasn’t even sure myself if the words I was telling them were true. I faked a smile, strolling to the bar, where Bobby stood by his favorite spot. He too faked a smile, pulling his shoulders.

A strange sensation had mixed with the concern in the room; my father and Zeus were still contemplating what to do, Theseus and Perseus had taken off with the guys.

My mother had left the room, to keep an eye on the kids with Emily and Candice. My siblings were sitting by the small tables contemplating too. Even the Covenant Brothers had appeared standing by the stair, viewing around at everybody. Observing the room, I noticed Kevin sitting by the piano, gazing up at the portrait of Nic.

Oh god Nic, he was the one who would know what to do in a situation like this.

Turning my eyes back to the girls, Melissa was gone… I searched the room surprised to see her disappearing through the double doors, I rushed to the girls, asking them about it. They had no idea where she had gone; she was turning before our eyes, from a loving friend to a stranger. I kindly asked the girls to join me in the kitchen, to make some coffee for everybody. As I was filling the coffee and the girls were staking cups on a tray, I glanced at them over my shoulder.

“Tell me something, Lexi… is it the first time Mel is acting strange like this?” My question remained unanswered for a while, leaving them quiet, they viewed around at each other with concerned looks, Alexis shook her head. I turned on the coffee maker, turning toward them, leaning against the counter, observing them. Of the three of them, Jill seemed the most concerned; she started breathing a bit heavier, getting tears in her eyes, concerning all of us. The girls helped her get seated, and I quickly handed her a glass of water, her hand was shaking as she was drinking it, tears rolled down her cheeks.

In slow movements she put the glass down, revealing a shocking revelation.

Two days prior Jillian had overheard Melissa talking, coming to Mel’s room she had stopped hearing the words; blood and kill. Frozen she remained by the door, as the cruel words continued; Their blood will be spilled.   She had sounded like a mad person, scaring Jilly greatly, she quickly rushed to her own room. Hayden had embraced her in his arms as she cried, reluctant on telling him what was wrong.

A single tear slid down Jillian’s cheek, as I placed my hand on top of hers, asking if she thought Melissa knew, that she had heard her. She shook her head, my eyes lifted to Lexi and Katie. I explained to them that they were not to tell anyone, I would deal with this, with the guys when they got back.

Anger was building inside me, from the revelations that Melissa was betraying us.


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