TMP 2 – Chapter Two.

Chapter Two. Enchantment of The Moon


A timeless bond had formed between Damon and me, his love for me was strong, and with that, the only way to return it; was to find his True Love.

A spicy scent spread in the kitchen, as Damon was stirring in a pot, he had kindly offered to sit down with me, over dinner.

“So, you’re cooking?” My voice seemed surprised; he glanced at me over his shoulder; pulling a smile.

“Yeah, something wrong with that?” He pulled his shoulders, considering my eyes, I shook my head, jumping up on the kitchen counter, he moved to the counter, cutting vegetables.

“So, do tell me; how does it feel to be a vampire?”

He squinted at me, stopped cutting, surprised by the question like he hadn’t been asked that before, ever.

His eyes narrowed with a stare of remembrance; then he shared the story with me;

He had been abandoned, left along with an excruciating thirst for blood; lingering in the shadows of the day since he wasn’t provided with a Day Light ring. In the darkness of the night, he prayed on the vulnerable and innocent.

His head bowed down for a silent moment, his guilt troubled him, he was merely a shadow of his former self, a person he would do anything in the world, not to get back too, he lifted his eyes to me.

My eyes frowned, and a worried expression appeared on my face, he nodded to me, making sure he would be fine, before continuing the story;

Left in the shadows, he was battling this thirst and control;

he was a wild animal, turning from a kind person to a cruel and vicious beast.

Our connection seemed to grow closer, the lack of control was all too familiar to me, a smile spread on his lips, and the incredible light in his eyes appeared. He shoved the vegetables into the pot, putting the lid on it, then he stepped a few steps closer to me, leaning against the table with his back, crossing his arms, exhaling deeply, going on with his story;

Times had luckily changed, everything was great now. His senses were heightened, he could see clearer, smell better, hear strongly, and he felt everything so intense, a feeling of being indestructible had filled him, leaving him confident.

A couple of silent stares were exchanged between us, as we got seated, sharing a smile, the food smelled incredible, and my mouth started watering, suddenly Damon looked up, listening to something.

“Well, well, well… cooking for my wife, huh Damon?!” Ryan’s mocking voice came from behind us, where he appeared, followed by the guys. Immediately a tension was created. I narrowed my eyes at him, getting instantly furious about his statement, my breath became heavy, as Damon stared back at Ryan.

“Yeah, some of us can actually cook for her!” Damon said harshly, I broke their cross-fire, standing up from my seat, taking the guys into the living room; slamming the door behind me, staring them down.

A deep sigh left me, turning my eyes to them.

“What the hell is your problem with him?” The words left my mouth in a loud rage; leaving me waiting for an explanation, my arms crossed in front of my chest.

“He’s looking at you like he wanna eat you!” Hayden told me suspiciously, making me tilt my head, frowning my eyebrows.

“Are you kidding me! You should be ashamed of yourself! Give him a fucking chance, already!” My eyes narrowed, squinting at him with a head shake, my eyes glanced over all of them, turning on my heels, storming past the kitchen, pacing into the forest.

Damon had followed me, going carefully behind me with hands in his pockets. In a sudden turn, my eyes met his; my hands remained at my side, – scoffing.

He gently moved closer, his hands slid over my arms, and his eyes told me; that everything would be okay, the strength of his arms, pulled me into his embrace. His cheek touched mine, in a low whisper;

“You can’t blame them for looking out for you….”

“They shouldn’t treat you like this!” I sighed, his eyes met mine again, as he realized something.

A clear double terminated quartz crystal, glistened in his hand; enchanting me with its beauty, turning my eyes up at him, in a deep exhale he shared with me, that he had found it in the Love Cave, it had been glowing, and as he picked it up, it had stopped. He explained a bit curious himself. Nic would always know about something like this, so we strolled to his room, slightly knocking on the door, pushing it open, in a creak. Nic looked up from his work as we entered, pulling a smile as his glasses were resting at the tip of his nose, he pressed them up.

“What can I do, for the two of you, this evening?” Nicolas wondered with a glimmer in his eyes.

The grey silver in his hair was shining a bit as he tilted his head at us. Damon stepped toward him, holding the crystal out in his hand, Nic glanced at the stone and then at Damon, as he explained to him where he had found it.

Amazement spread on Nic’s face, and an unwilling smile made his eyes shine, telling us; it was a rare occurrence coming across this magical stone; that when he touched it, the energy rushed into him.

He seemed a bit skeptic by Nic’s story but listened. Nic assured him that this was a gift, bestowed upon him; it would help find his True Love, as the words left Nic’s mouth. Damon’s eyes widened; the crystal would start to glow when he held it toward the girl of his dreams. Nic glanced down at the stone in a nod, lifting his eyebrows. Damon closed his hand around it, nodding thankfully. He pulled a wide smile, as we retrieved from the room, creaking the door closed; leaving Nic to tend to his beloved work.

We started down the stairs, abruptly he stopped me, making me turn, his eyes were shining like a child on Christmas Eve; moving the crystal toward me, nothing happened.

An unwilling smile spread, making me smile wider then I wanted too. The blue in his eyes was brighter in this light, gleaming at me.

“You really think I was your true love?”

He pulled his shoulders, joining me in my laughter, realizing that perhaps; I wasn’t his true love. I shook my head slightly at him, we shared a smile, continuing down the steps; coming to the lake, he glanced up at the great sky above; many pings of lights had appeared. Lifting my eyes to the spread of stars, a hypnotic state filled me; caught in a breath-taking moment, we shared a sigh of amazement, moving our eyes to each other, in a joined smile.

As one journey ended with the Love Cave, another began; Damon was to sit before numerous girls of the kingdom to find his mysterious One True Love. Honestly, I didn’t think he was so keen on the idea, to begin with, but since I agreed to play the piano, he thought it would be a good night after all.

A high and mighty throne was placed in front of the stage; Ryan, Richard, Dean, Hayden and Jake Stevens was standing on a line behind it, making sure some of the desperate girls, wouldn’t get to close. Everything was ready, taking my seat at the piano, placing my hands on the keys and glancing over at Damon, then at my father and Kevin, who was opening the doors, as my eyes turned to the keys, my fingers pressed down, in beautiful tunes.

Many girls passed by the crystal, yet no glowing light to see. The hopefulness that had been glued to Damon’s face earlier was fading as he came to me and sat down, having a short break, the tunes stopped, and my eyes turned to him.

“Shouldn’t you be over there?” I teased him with a smile, noticing the guys in the background, gathering around for a talk, my eyes glanced back at Damon.

“I would rather stay here with you….” He smiled, nudging my shoulder a bit, then he bowed his head for a few seconds, then turned his eyes back on me. “…this is hopeless!” He sighed, dragging a hand over his face. He stepped up from the piano-bench, shoved his hands into his pockets, turning around, heading back to the throne. A new crowd of girls, flooded into the room. As Damon sat down, the crystal fell out of his pocket, landing on the floor, and for a moment it seemed to shed a slight glow.

He bent down; picking it up, as he glanced back at me, he shook his head; he was done looking for girls, my reply was simply a nod, understanding his despair.

My father, Nicolas, and Kevin declared the search to be over, Damon strolled to me, having a resigned expression on his face, the girls retrieved from The Heart, and the guys strolled on with the other three gentlemen; leaving Damon and me, as the only ones left.

Gazing upon him again, his eyes had turned from the illuminating blue light to red and bloodshed vicious eyes, unrecognizable. It troubled me, nothing like this had happened around me; what was happening to him?

“What’s going on?” There was a pleading in my voice, as he grabbed hold of me, dragging me to the lake; his back was turned against me.

“What is with you?” My question was left in the air, unanswered, he was keeping his ground, not moving a muscle. He was quiet for another five minutes before he made a sigh, his breathing was steady, yet heavy. His hands had tightened into fists, trembling.

“My thirst for your blood is growing…” As the word left his mouth, a chill went down my back.

He slowly turned toward me, looking straight at me; his eyes now normal, he stepped closer as a breeze brushed against my face. The water was burbling around us, and he gazed intensely, as he reached me, taking hold of my hand, his behavior concerned me. He had that look to his eyes, a look I couldn’t place.

“…There’s something I have to tell you, something I should have told you a long time ago!” He confessed, sending a troubled sensation through me. He stepped closer, holding his cheek against mine, it was cold and rough on my skin, his breath was at my ear.

“I was the vampire, who was supposed to kill Daniel!”

A cold shiver went through my body; I couldn’t believe it. I moved my head from him, observing him, not believing what I was hearing. A questioning look appeared on my face as he exhaled another sigh.

“I was in position to attack, but then something happened…. Something in me was screaming for blood. I ran as fast as my legs could carry, coming to the Memory Forest, I saw you…” He stopped in his words, looking down in the ground, then lifted his head a little, considering me.

“I don’t know why, but ever since I came here; I have been craving your blood…. I couldn’t allow myself to take one single drop; I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop!” His exclaim troubled me a bit; he continued speaking in a brittle voice. “…the scent of your blood is intoxicating.” He confessed in a hypnotic state.

“I haven’t been feeding for weeks; I haven’t been able to keep anything down, blood bags, blood from the vain, nothing!” The resigned expression returned upon his face, seeing him this way concerned me.

My compassion for him reached deep; he shouldn’t be facing this all by himself. My fingers touched his cheek, gazing deeply into his eyes; they were shining like he was about to break down, – crying.

“Let me help you!”

His eyes turned quickly to me, instantly shaking his head, turning his eyes to the ground again.

“I can’t ask that of you!” His eyes glued to the ground.

“You don’t have to!” My hand was squeezing his, dragging him behind a tree so that we couldn’t be seen from either of the houses; the guys would freak out if they knew what was going on. My sleeve was pulled up; a concerned expression spread across his face, his hands carefully held under my arm, a nod assured him, that it was okay to continue; his eyes turned red, and bloodshed. My heart was pacing up it’s beating, as his fangs appeared, moving closer toward my arm.

In a pinching and burning, his teeth pierced through my flesh; the blood was flooding through me, rushing into his mouth, dizziness hit me; making the ground sway and everything was blurry. My arm became numb, as he kept drinking. A prickling jolt appeared inside me; suddenly a flash crossed my mind.

Seeing myself sitting at the piano with Damon, who softly pressed his lips against mine. I could sense the softness of his lips like he was kissing me at this moment.

Until that day, there was no recollection in my mind of that memory. Abruptly, his head moved from my arm; he dried the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand, his eyes slowly returned to his familiar gorgeous sky-blue. My wound quickly healed, as he nodded thankfully to me.

“I know you compelled and kissed me!”

I blurted, surprising myself, he apologized, expressing that he still had deep feelings for me and that he had great doubts about the crystal.

The Waning Gibbous Moon was casting a dimmed light over the surroundings at the lake, reflecting itself on the crystal water, burbling calmly.

My eyes glanced down at the journal in my hands, leafing through it, my fingers moved over the page, over the words.

Throughout my travels, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and breath-taking as the Blue Shining Moon Stone. The energy it possesses is a whole new world of wondrous opportunities.

This is the time when mother moon’s energies are ripening and spilling over in such abundance, that with intention, you can use them like pure watery magic… to soothe, cleanse, heal and make new again.

Connect with her lunar magic through your heart and she will hear your prayers, wash away your tears, purify and rejuvenate your soul. It is only found Once in a Blue Moon.

-Madelin Blake.

Blue Moon.

The next blue moon would occur on the last night of August.

In four days, where am I going, Madelin?

Like pure watery magic, the magical Water Caves in Main.

In a thump the book was closed, with an uplifted sensation I returned to The Pearl, asking Damon to join me on my trip to Main, he gladly accepted, and Ryan kindly offered to take the children.

A satisfying rumble appeared from Damon’s shining baby-blue Camaro, as we drove through the gate, the following evening. I leaned back in my seat, lifting my eyes to the sky; the moon was shining down through the window. He glanced at me, and back at the road. Uplifting music was streaming out through the radio; as he put his hand on mine, focusing on the road.

Trees flashed by outside, my eyes moved to The Full Moon; and a persistent wonder rushed over me; making me squint at him, taking a deep breath.

“Dam, there are so many stories about vampires, which ones are real?” I questioned, he squinted at me with a smile, then at the road, he scoffed and spoke;

“The sunlight is true; we are wearing our daylight rings, made by good Expressurs.” He looked down at his hand on the wheel; on his middle finger, around Lapis Lazuli stone in a silver ring was wrapping around it.

“…The transition, happens if I feed you my blood and you die with it in your system, if that happens you will wake up being very weak and hungry… after that, you have two hours to feed on human blood or die.” He explained, giving me a better idea of why he was the way he had been when I met him. He suddenly squinted at me; I glanced at him before he turned his eyes back on the road, he scoffed again, laughing a bit.

“…and you know what I hate, that Twilight bullshit theory with vampires glimpsing as diamonds in the sunlight.” He blurted, which made me laugh at him, I couldn’t agree more. Great laughter was shared between us, making me happy, he agreed to come.

After a long drive, we were standing in front of the caves as he lit a flashlight, following me into the cave; we continued down a small and narrow passageway. The walls were glimpsing with diamonds and crystals, as the light flashed around, lighting our way. A rippling waterfall was coming up ahead, as we came to a wider passageway, leading toward a cave room. Looking up; there was a hole in the ceiling, but no light was passing through it, yet.

Little by little a faded blue light entered the cave through the hole, spreading in the room. A bright blue glow appeared from a puddle in front of us; a blue round stone was glowing. I squatted down, pulling up my sleeve, reaching into the cold water, grabbing it. Damon handed me a bag; I placed the stone inside it.

A brighter light appeared from the other cave room, further away from us. We shared a wondering stare, heading toward the light. Like in a trance state, we moved toward the light, entering the other cave room filled with thousands of Blue Moonstones, the waterfall was rippling down in a pond, the stones were in the water, in the cave wall, everywhere.

This was the breath-taking moment Madelin had been describing in the journal.

The blue light surrounded us, giving me a rush of life. My hands were tingling as Damon gazed amazingly at me, I returned his stare with wonder.

“Believe it or not, even in this glow of all this treasure, you outshine it all!” He expressed, not believing his own eyes. I tilted my head, not believing him.

His eyebrows lifted, and his eyes became more serious. “…see for yourself!”

He pulled his shoulders, squinting down, my eyes followed his; seeing my own reflection in a puddle, a slight gasp left me amazed.

In the mix of the blue light, there was a bright white light shining, not around me, but from me; in a halo-ish glow. My aura was beaming with energy and life. My eyes quickly lifted to him, who pulled a satisfied smile with a light in his eyes.

“There… now you finally see you; through our eyes.” Relief was rushing through his words. Squinting down, disbelief rushed through me, it couldn’t be me shining like that, but it was.

Our eyes met, thankfulness was shining on me.

Suddenly the light went out in the cave, leaving us with the dimmed light from the flashlight.

My heart was uplifted as The Blue Moon Stone was placed into the glass cabinet in The Heart, along with The Family Crowns and The True Love Crystal. Damon and I were admiring the treasures, he put his arm around my shoulders, squeezing me.

Celebrating this treasure, my father had asked Ryan, Richard, Dean, and Hayden to stand before him with their loved ones, being honored for the bravery they put into their jobs.

Among my brothers and Damon and Stefan, we observed my guys, proudly. My father was standing before the brave men, looking from the first to the last in line. Pride was streaming from his eyes since they had moved into our home, he had been like a father to them, guiding and leading them to a better and brighter future. He shaped them into the men they were, and they all considered him as the father they had lost or never known; he ordered them to kneel. They all simultaneously knelled, glancing up at their leader, who asked them to repeat after him and in joined speech they spoke the words after my father.

Grand me courage, oh lord. For I am your servant and provide me with strength onto battle. That I may crush my enemies. As dust before the wind.  

They all finished the words with such honor, pride, and passion. My father turned to Kevin, who handed him a silver sword with a white marble handle.

He gently placed it on each of their shoulders.

A bright light appeared on my father’s face as he gazed upon them.  “Rise A Knight!”

Pride was gleaming from them, as they stood up, sharing proud expressions. Everybody started clapping at them.

A bubbling rush of love and joy filled me; tightening in my stomach, creating a lump in my throat as joyful tears were pressing in my eyes, and my hands were clapping along with the crowd. A proud and wide smile spread on my lips, seeing them pushing a little at each other’s shoulders, sharing joyful laughter. Ryan ambled to me, grabbing onto me, passionately pressing his lips against mine, as I wrapped my arms around him, feeling all his love surround me.

The guys grabbed a beer in the bar, cheering with each other as Ryan came to me, asking to speak with me, he took my hand, bringing me out onto the beauty of the night. Holding his arms around me, a warmth spread from him to me. I smiled at him; a happy sensation went through me.

“I’m sorry, I have been spending so much time with Dam….” He interrupted me with a kiss, his stubbles were pricking on my skin, and the smell of shaving lotion went through my nose, then he glanced at me, with loving eyes.

“Baby, I love you, nothing else matters!” He assured me, as his chestnut-brown eyes, which had a little glimmer in the moonlight, gazed into mine.

“God, why didn’t I choose you in the beginning?” The question was directed more to myself, then him, a euphoric sensation went through me, as a shooting star crossed the night sky.

“I’ve been asking myself that for a long time.”

Clucking laughter left him, putting his forehead against mine. Kissing my nose, then my forehead.

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