The Gift of Gratitude.

As I started out this journey, I had never imagined, sitting with the feeling I do right now. With such great words spoken, and written about my work, and my book.

I am honored, I am proud, and I am grateful.

Life is a mix of ups and downs, and I have realized, that it’s important to stop for a moment, and be thankful… Thankful for the people in your lives. The people who gives your life joy, and light. That moves you, touches you beyond what you could ever imagine.

Secrets can be shared, and lives are changed, but with great friends and family, what does it really matter? If they will stick with you until the end, be grateful about those people in your life.

Time is a given, we don’t know how much time we are given, so open your eyes to the beauty of life. There’s so much to be negative about in this world, but stop for a moment! And consider this… We use so much energy in hating, and raging over something we can’t do anything about in the end.

My life was changed, six months ago, I heard the audio-book, The Secret. I had seen the documentary, but this book came at a needed time in my life, changing everything for me. Making me think in a more positive mind-set. And with the Law of Attraction, I have learned that our minds are more powerful then we could even fathom.

I started my writing life, as a thirteen-year-old girl, moving and developing through the years, becoming a better writer, and a better person. My heart is open to help ones in need, but I also know the limit, to where I should go to achieve that.

I am provided with incredible people in my life, and I thank the Universe for what I have today, but also for what I will get in the future. Stepping all into the LOA; Law of Attraction. Changing my mind-set to have faith in myself, and always believe in myself.

If I can do it, anybody can. It really only takes, a great amount of faith and beliving in yourself. So keep, that in mind, or at least try to, like me… Every day of your life, and you will slowly see a change, becoming the person you really want to be.


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