Moments Like These


The Beauty of a Country Life. 

Life is about special moments, moments that change our lives, shape us. Sometimes special moments, can be faded in busy days, and work… But, when moments like these occurres, they are golden. To me they bring comfort, and inspiration. Every great line begins with beautiful surroundings. in my busy and at times chaotic life, a single moment like that of the sky, is precious. Fueling my inspiration, creativity and happiness. I pull eternal amounts of energy from moments like that.

As a writer I praise times when I find inspiration and time to dive deeply into my work, creating amazing and exciting adventures. We are given this beautiful life, don’t we owe it, to live it to the fullest. Life comes with a great deal of hardship, but in my opinion hardship is a good lesson in life, with hardship we find joy in the positive, giving us something to look forward to.

I have learned a very important lesson, you always have to believe in your own work, and writing, in everything. Because if YOU don’t, then who will?

So remember to cherish, honor and praise moments like these.

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