Expanded Blurb.

the-metanoia-phases 1,1


Enchantment, love, and secrets flood together in this YA Fantasy.

Maria had always known about her abilities, wrapped in a blanket of security and love. But, in an instant, everything changed, as long-buried family secrets come to the surface.

Shattering the world and family she once knew beyond recognition, in the midst of all the chaos her husband fails to support her, being absent, and suddenly Maria finds herself drawn to the arms of a man, who isn’t her husband. Torn between duty and passion, trying to uncover the secrets and betrayal, that lay in front of her. Looking upon her most trusted, she thought she knew; it’s hard to get a hold of what to believe in.

Who can she trust, when her world crumbles?

X-Men meets The Secret Circle in this new thrilling and twisting YA Fantasy. Are you brave enough to dive into an emotional roller-coaster of betrayal, drama, love and a whole load of fantasy?

Magical, Enchanting and Exciting, perfectly created for the lover of The Secret Circle, Beautiful Creatures, and The Vampire Diaries.

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