Summer Time.

Hello Everyone.

Lately, time seemed to have escaped my grasp, and months passed by in the blink of an eye. I started this year out saying, that I wanted to write a Blog Post, every day for the entire years; Into the first two weeks that plan failed! BUT, I keep my hope high and instead of quitting I intend to start over with my plan, and maybe change a few things.

With a full time job, full time life, with a house, husband and dog to attend to, and an upcoming book, I am low on time, so my goal is to write a blog post, at least once a week. To give you guys and everyone who might be interested a peel at how I went around publishing my first two novel in The Metanoia Phases Series.

So, what have you missed?

I started this year out with two goals; The first was to write a blog each day, which didn’t work out, but my second goal went a little different; I create a deadline for my third novel, and currently I think I will follow through on this goal. I am few chapters away from ending the series, which have been hard, but I think it will be great, and make room for many new project.


I also set out a new mission; To connect with the writing community, bonding, sharing and leanring from other authors, writers and readers.


I have a dream….  A dream I intend to follow until it is reached, behind this dream lays a lot of hard work, but I will do anything it takes to reach that dream and that goal.




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