Top 15 Writer’s PLaylist.



As a writer my daily progress is pushed along by amazing tunes; my Writer’s Playlist changes alot and often, – but, there’s a few picks that always ends up on the same list. Here’s my idea on a Writer’s Playlist; with a few mixed ideas for an amazing writing experience.

My Top 15;

  • 1: The Lion and The Lamb – Big Daddy Weave.
  • 2: Be Enthroned – Jeremy Riddle.
  • 3: No Longer Slaves – Jonathan David & Melissa Helser.
  • 4: 1 Hour of Dark Piano Dark Piano for Dark Thoughts, (from youtube).
  • 5: Praises – Josh Baldwin.
  • 6: Cozy Morning, A Winter Chill Mix, (from youtube).
  • 7: Ciara – Paint It Black.
  • 8: Bedroom Hymns – Florence & The Machine.
  • 9: Glass Heart – Sam Tinnesz.
  • 10: Somewhere in Paris – James Mullaly.
  • 11: Bloody City – Sam Tinnesz.
  • 12: Wolves – Sam Tinnesz.
  • 13: Amen Omen – Ben Harper.
  • 14: Provider – Urban Rescue.
  • 15: Legends Are Made – Sam Tinnesz.

A perfect mixed list with dark music, calm, relaxing and simply wonderful melodies to expand your creativity. So, if your in doubt about a new song of mix to your Writer’s Playlist, here’s a few ideas.

To me music and a perfect soundtrack, is an amazing energy and idea source, with the right song an explosion of ideas will flood to my mind, a perfect match with wonderful melodies and typed words creates amazing things.

Writer’s Soundtrack. 


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