The Love of Publishing…

There’s a struggle behind every publish, however… Published is not garenteed to sell, especially if you did the same mistake as I did… You might say I did everything in reverse… I only started the marketing after the book was out, which haven’t helped the sale, BUT-to me it is always important to have faith… and I always keep believing, some day I will make a living of writing… I just have to figure out how to get there… One thought at a time, we hold the power over our own lives….



Sometimes, you will have that voice telling you; that there’s no way you will be the next J.K. Rowling…. and the voice is right, you won’t! However, you will be YOU, let your journey begin with that… You will make it someday, you just have to keep faith and ALWAYS Believe that there’s a spot for you in this amazing world of wonderful Words and Worlds; remember that your mind or world, can help someone else in someway…

I am so proud of the work I have done; I’ve written two books for crying out loud, and I’m typing those words, creating the third and finally book in this series; my magic words for all of you is; you can do it all too, as long as you learn to push through that voice/devil on your shoulder; telling you it’s no good… Keep fighting, keep writing and keep believing.


MT – writing off. 🙂

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