Life is Beautiful..

My experience of a beautiful life, is to be filled with that everlasting joy within your body, having things in your everyday life, that you love deeply. To me, my happiness and beauty of life is; my dearest family, my boyfriend, my dog, and my joyful in-laws. I am surrounded by some many incredible people, and create my home and “Work” into a place where I am always comfortable or cozy, no matter where I am in my house I can be ceaselessly happy.

In my work space I surround myself with inspiring and loving things.


My loving Workspace, with my bookcase, desk and inspration wall and favorite boards of beauty, in right front of my desk is a window, so when I look up at night (and it’s not cloudy) I can see the stars, and I actually love when the rain is tapping on the window too, a perfect spot for any day… I light candles and put the music in my ears, and just type those letters.

In my bookcase there’s all the books I love to read, and my note pads, along with inspiration images, and in a couple of weeks; my OWN book in print, what more do you need for inspiration then that… I can’t wait!!!

Lately I have been listening to The Secret on a Audio Book; it’s a book or documentary I recommend anybody to see, read or listen to; it lifts you up and change your whole belief in progress and life… The key to succes lies in our mind and thoughts, believe it and do it; and eveything good will follow, I am sure of it!


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