The Great Doubt.  

The Great Doubt and How I deal with it.. 

My Best Friend in the World, my baby girl; Baily. 

She’s one of my biggest supporters, she sits and lies by my side through my writing.. Just look at her, you can’t do anything else then love her… 

She always makes me happy, it’s important to have a “person” like that in your life. 

Today is about dealing with doubt… Lately I am writing my second novel, and somehow that Damn Doubt creps in… everything I read or Write about my word novel seem to be boring and not to well descripted. I tend to get frustrated at the doubt, so I have to leave the work behind for some time, mostly because I can’t concentrate on working with all the doubting thought. 

What I do to deal with it; The writing community is amazing, that way. Everybody is so kind… 

To me music is my guidance and therapy… it lifts me in the greatest way, choose your favorite music. A steaming cup of herbal tea is a great way to push away the doubts. Or a great cup of coffee. 

The coziest thing for me, when everything seems lost, is cuddling up with a blanket, good book and burning candles, or sitting with my darling dog, petting her. 

Lately I’ve got a new tattoo for my great inspration; 

Reminding myself everyday to believe in myself and the abilities I have for greatness. My work is great, of course I am evolving every single day, I just have to take a deep breath and believe that the words I write are truly great. 

Keep up the good work, and Always Believe. 

Happy Writings and Lots of Love To All… 


2 thoughts on “The Great Doubt.  

  1. Ah yes, the self-doubt that comes with writing. It seems no matter how many books we’ve written or had published, it still likes to visit us. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it assures that we always strive to improve our craft.

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