Read Aloud…




Since I’ve hit my third and finally stage in edting my second novel, I though I would share with you; how amazing Read Aloud really is. I have mentioned it a few times before, but I will give you a deep look into the App.

The great thing about this App, is that it’s so simple to use, you don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out, you just copy your chapter/scene from you Scriv/Word or whatever you may write in, and then you open the Read Aloud, the moment you copy your text; a little box will appear in your corner, and when you click Read Now, the document will open up in RA and start reading;

How I use it; is that I minumize the page, so it takes up half my laptop screen, the other half I minumize my word/scriv, so I can follow the reading in the book, to make adjustments; Reading through it on my own, is where I often miss the sound mistakes of a misplaced S or something like that, because I know what the word is going to be, so I miss some of the spelling or something like that, but if I hear the words being read to me, the error immediately occures to me, and I go to the Scriv/Word and correct it.

It appears like this;2018-01-21.png

A marker will highlight the text that is being read, you have your options; you can pause, rewind, and go forward, so if you didn’t get the sentence you can go right back.

You can also choose to edit within the Read Aloud, and then copy everything back to the manuscript, later; for me it works so much better, having them alined and followed the read through, and then correcting in my writing document.

You can choose between a male and female reader, sometimes you can choose between persons, as it goes for me, I get bored fast, listening to someone with a dull voice, so choose the one that fits for you; thereafter you can adjust the tone they are speaking in and the speed, if they are rambling on, with the speed of light, you might turn it down a bit, or if they are dragging along the words, making you sleep, then vice versa…

I consider them the perfect way to pick out those sneaky little words or letters that sneak pass your eyes when you read it yourself; my biggest issues are always, Through, thought and thought, because these words are so similar, so I often type a wrong letter, making the word I intended have a whole other meaning, making the sentence messed up. Then I also often misplace the letter ‘S’ either I place an S where it isn’t supposed to be, or I forget that S.. It’s a fine line between these things, but to me as perfectionist, I can’t handle a misplaced letter or word. Sometimes I even discover two exact words coming after each other, like; at that at that, then I hear it and i’m like; What the hell, that didn’t sound right, so luckily with the RA I find these mistakes, before the readers get the chance to, to me this tools is evenly as important as the Scriv or Word, at least if you are self-publishing, and you are going for the editing yourself.

So, I consider Read Aloud a gift to all Writers/Author, struggling with self-editing and publishing, this tool will make a lot of things eaiser, at least it did for me.

Hope this was help for, and you learned something new about this…


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