Images inspiring moments from my second novel; The Metanoia Phases: The Change of Mind & Self. 


Inspiration is; in my opinion an important piece to creating the most wonderful world, making your story come alive.

I came by two of these images, Immediately thinking that they needed to be a part of my second novel, it’s an easy thing seeing the image in your mind, but descriping it to an amount where your reader will see that image too, can be a struggle, at least I think it was… Of course, the reader will always create an image of what is happening; I asked a friend to read the description of both, asking is she could picture the images, she told me that she could sense the idea behind the picture and that it was a good description, but in her mind there was a few different things to the image. But, at least I came close… …and surely ever try is a new progress to your story and your writing. You only have to be better than the writing, you were yesterday….

To me the hardest part isn’t descriping what I’m seeing in the image, it’s kind of easy listing down the things we see, but the struggle comes when it’s time to add the details, or the smell of flowers; I like taking it down to the smallest details to give the reader an exact idea of the picture…



2 thoughts on “Inspiration.

  1. Writing description is a fine balance, isn’t it? We want to convey the look, smell, taste of things to the reader, but we don’t want to slow down the story. I admire authors who navigate it so deftly, making us feel like we’re part of the fictional world while never taking us out of the story.

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    1. Yeah exactly, it’s a fine art… yet, can be challenging at times, it’s a hard thing to capture the reader with the senses, but to me challenges are great ways to move us as writers/authors, to becom even better.. 🙂

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