Editing & Journaling…



Editing & Journaling…..

So, lately I have been diving into the editing of my second novel….  So, it have been a few days since I lasted posed, so my challenge with the 365 days didn’t totally come true, but I am still seeing how many days in this year I can reach.

So, here’s a few tips for you guys about Editing and Journaling.

As it goes for the Editing, I approximately editing my novel, (or at least go through it three times). The First time, I simply read it thourgh, to see if everything ads up with the story, and all that.. The Second time, I edit the errors; spelling mistakes, misplaced words, deleting and adding sentences, that would go better, or things that need to be cut for good, I read through one chapter at a time, writing the chapter number and name down, making sure that the number and the name fit with the order of the book, and if the contents of the chapter fits with the name…

“Write without fear – Edit witout mercy.” Sometimes it’s hard to cut some of your work, but to me it is clear to see what goes and what doesn’t, so if you are having that thought; will it really fit, it probably wont, SO CUT! The Third time, is kind of cheating, because then it’s actually not myself reading, but my favorite audio speaker; Read Aloud. I have mentioned it before, because it’s an incredible tool, to me reading aloud my own story is awkward… So, luckily there’s Read Aloud. I copy on chapter, and type Ctrl + V, and a sitting box appeares in the corner of my laptop, asking Read Now or Ignore, of course I type; Read Now, and Voila you have your own little audio book, aside from the sleepy voice of the reader, it’s actually a wonderful tool; you can adjust the voice; male or female, the tone, speech and tempo of the reading.

When the book is read through, it’s basically done, and I’m ready to move on to the publishing face… So, it can be preatty easy, (yes, easy of course), but it takes a lot of time, reading, typing and deleting. Surely, there’s always the ulturnative of paying an editor to do it for you, but it’s almost unlimited what you can learn from doing it by yourself….

About editing, about your own writing even and if you are like me, you edit your own manuscript, and learn so much from that too….



For me keeping a journal, isn’t about writing down what you have wrote or done that day, having that Dear Diary moment. Nothing could bore me to death, then that!!! I write reminders, goals, inspirations… Tips for writing.. I also used my journal to write down my acknowledgements…

….or if I have a wonderfully good day, I write down the good thing about it, or how good a song I heard was, descripting my feeling/sensation at that moment, for safe keeping, to look back at on a rainy day, where my life doesn’t seem to so great… When those days occure, because let’s face it, they will… I leaf through my journal, trying to reach that moment I wrote down, and then sometimes it brings me back on track… besides that I am always keeping a calendar, keeping track on my daily schedules.

Hope there was something helpful….

FVY! If there’s anything, that I am lacking in my advices, you can always write me and ask me about what I do with a certain thing or what I should stop rambling about, or what I should talk about more…. I am open to any ideas…

Happy writings and lot of love to all….






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