Well, to begin with I would like to thank all the people who are following and liking my Blogs, it’s not a huge base of people, but I love it. My task with this is to help people with their struggle and to reach the world, which I think I’m doing both very well….

In the beginning of this year, I came myself a task or a challange, to write a blog for 365 days, well if anyone have noticed, I haven’t been posting for the past days. I have been so tired, the weather in my country, is really Winter Weater.. Well, I missed three days, but so what… As with everything in my life, I simply have to keep going, so maybe I’m not succeeding with the 365 days, but I’m trying and that’s what matters. You simply have to do your best…

For todays post, we are diving into CHAPTERS, and to make a flow with these…

In my opinion, it’s a great idea to create tension and excitment in the first chapter, letting the reader get to know a tiny bit about the character, releaving something out, something that captivates the reader.

If you want some inspriration, my first chapter is avalible here on my blog.

To keep the florw, I left a shocking end to the first chapter, leaving people curious to what was going to happen next. I try to mix it, with a slow and cozy chapter, and then an exploding chapter, leaving questions and confusion, some chapters are left with a cliffhanger, others are left with the sensation of love or magic, something like that. With this technique, you never get too much excitment, and you never get a boring part, your readers will simply skip. I love reading books myself, with flowing chapters; chapters that goes up and down. Chapters, that leaves me aching for more, so much more.

Through the editing, you can easily spot the boring parts, and however painful it is, you need to cut them… I am cutting a lot in my second novel, it hurtsa little bit, but in the big picture, I can easily see that the parts doesn’t do anything good for the story, and I don’t wanna keep my readers bored…. So Cut Them! It will make so much more sense…

According to me, there’s no rule to how many chapters, a book need to have. I didn’t wanna make mine too long. So, in the editing I actually made more chapters then anticipated, because some of the scenes were way too long; I was writing in Scriv, and suddely I looked at the word count, WOW, I had written 22.460 words in one scene, maybe I got a bit carried away with the story at that point, so I split it up into five chapters instead of one.. making the flow with these too, leaving a cliffhanger in the end of some of them, and a little hint for the readers in some of the others.

As I always try to tell people, the most important and fun part about this; is to play with it. You are the creator of this incredible book, you have the tools, so master thoses Words, Lines, Scene and Chapters, as YOU please.. Hope, you enjoyed!

You Are The Master of Your Work…

Happy Writings and lots of love to All…. 🙂

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