Building your character, is a very important task… without great characters, there’s basically no story..

How do you keep track of your characters?

What I did, was write down everything about each important character; Their name, profession, age, appearance, eye-color, sound of voice, description of their person and behavior. And, of course if you are a Fantasy Writer, like me; you could also write down the character’s abilities or powers of magic.

Let’s face it, as a writing; writing that incredible story, there’s alot of things to keep track of, and a lot of characters to keep track of…. Sometimes, I realize, that I can’t remember a certain character’s eye color or behavior, so as you perhaps have figured out, I love me some “Cheat Sheets” So, of course I have a “Cheat Sheet” for my characters too. Which writer doesn’t need a “Cheat Sheet” I haven’t yet come by a writer, who was able to remember every single thing about their novel.

Lately, I have been thinking about, writing down the back story of the most important characters, of course I have it all in my head, but with all the things that are tangled up inside my mind, things slip ALOT, I have to face it.


I have listed it, from the Main Character, to all the close ones;

Husband, best friends; boy-friends and girl-friends, siblings, parents, uncles, other family members, Gods…. and of course the villains.

If you list the things down, you will have a pretty good view and “Cheat Sheet” to your characters.. 🙂

Just Keep Typing! 


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