Always Believe..


Always Believe in Yourself……

If you guys are like me, you sometimes lack the faith and belief in yourself… You are the biggeste critic and your own worst reviewer, I always have my ups and downs, one day; I’m the best Author/Writer in the world, and some days, I’m the worst that have ever written any words….

But last year, I slowly became another person, a better person. One of the keys to my succes, to keep writing… Is always, (well, okay, maybe always) trying to look on the bright side of life, how much of a cliché it is, its still true. A positive way of thinking, and a positive mind, is a perfect mind-set, to create great work and Amazing Writing.

My Safe Haven, is always and will always be, another cliché; The Moon and The Stars… Looking up at the great shining Moon or Stars, makes life just a tiny bit better, and with great music it’s nearly perfect.

Here’s my Four Tips for keeping a Positive Mind;

1; The first and the best one, looking up at the Moon and the Stars, maybe it doesn’t seem like much, but if you are a Moon and Star Lover, it will do the trick…

2; Take a nice cup of steaming Herbal Tea or a Lovely cup of Coffee, any kind… Enjoy it while you work, and it seems a bit easier to overcome.

3; Listening to some relaxing music, or a great playlist with meditational sounds. I always create a mixed playlist of calm sounds, movie soundstracks and something that I know would really increase my work.

4; Listening to the Rain or a Fireplace. Of course, if you hate Rain, or it’s not actually raining, you can always find some great sounds on Youtube. As it goes for the fireplace, I don’t a real one, but I have an electronic, which is doing the job pretty good, it can create the flames on screen and it has a heater. Or the funny oppotunity, you can actually buy a DVD called Fireplace…

Of course if none of the above, works for you… You simply create your own, and of course if you are a writer, you will probably have a few ideas…

Hope there was something helpful for you guys….

Happy Writings for You All…. 🙂

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