Writer’s Block…

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The fight against Writer’s Block, can actually be quite simple. 

What is the most frustrating thing as a writer; looking at that blinking marker, not knowing what to write next, we all fear that point in our progress where everything simply stops. Here’s some of my advice, on how to get rid of that fear for good…..

In all my years of writing, I can’t remember a single time; where I didn’t know what to write next…. Okay, that’s maybe pushing it a little bit…. and yet maybe not, every time I get to that point where I don’t know what to write next, I have always something new to jump to, to keep me on the writing track.

My mind is a chaos of thoughts at times, but every now and then, I grab on to one or two, or maybe multiple of those thought; writing them down. So, every time I get a sentence in my head, or even a single word… I write it down!!

Because that single word or idea, can actually turn into something quiet useful someday, so everytime I get stuck or need a break from my story writing, or editing… whatever it may be, I jump over to some of my ideas…. Currantly I am working on my second novel, editing and all that, in my mind there’s a lot of ideas for the third book in the series, and I have actually written down chapters, for the third book… Maybe there’s a chance that I won’t use the chapters, or maybe I will correct it a lot, but at least I’m writing.

So, every single time I have that little idea, I write it down. It’s a big help for me later on, when I don’t know how to continue with my currant work, then I play a little with the other ideas. I actually have so many ideas, that I had to split them into several categories.

Here’s an example on how you could categories, and some of the reasons why I loved working with both Scrivener and Word, Scrivener have all the possiblities to create such great categories with fast and easy acces.

20180105_231648 (1).....jpg

As you can see there’s a few ideas, both for the Useful Words and the Ideas For Books. I basically write everything down I can think of…. The eye and hair colour of each important character in the book… or their profession. Everything about the world they are living in…. As a writer, there’s a lot of things to keep track of, my way of doing it, is writing everything down, that I really need to remember. So, I can always remember, and maybe get some new idea about it… As you can see down below, I have a category named CHARATERS – here I keep track of the person’s full names, back history and all that.

So, if you ever get stuck, just keep typing those words, maybe you will never use the ideas, I even sometimes write something down, that I later realize that I will never use, but at least I’m writing. No matter what, never stop typing. Always write your ideas down…. On my phone I have a “notepad” I always have my phone on me, or nearby so when I get an idea into my mind, I can write it down right away, if I don’t… Yeah well, then sometimes the idea is lost to me and I cannot remember it again.

I hope this was helpful… of course, it is so easy to say; just keep writing, but I imagine, that if you have written a book, or even half a book, or a short story… You may have some ideas around it, that you can write down… If not, well there’s always the internet, to get to researching on something, of course we shouldn’t steal other people’s work, but if you see a sentence, and you think: oh I love that…. Well, then maybe take some of it, and put some of your own words into it, play with it, make it your own.

I hope this could help you, never to have Writer’s Block again….

Keep Writing – Keep Typing. 

Happy Writings to you all and lots of writers love….

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