The Cry…

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One of the hardest things to do while writing, is describe; Sadness, Devastation and Heartache. You can write the words and explain what the character is going through, but how do you make them feel it….

Currantly in my second novel, there’s a loss; one that touches the character deeply, I wrote it and of course as the writer I could imagine, that kind of hurt, and I could feel it on my own body, but how would I bring this sadness upon the reader… not an easy things to do, you might think? –  And you are right!

I thought to myself, that it must be impossible to do, but I wanted to give the reader the best experience with it as possible, so where better to look then the internet, Google is your friend, rather you deny it or not…

So, I dived in, searching the internet for many occasions, finding a few good things, but mostly I tried coming up with my own stuff.

You can always write; He cried, or tears ran down his cheeks….. But, why of course you can….. BUT, it’s fucking boring, you want them to feel the sadness, not go to sleep. And, I know it’s so easy to say, and so hard to do. I have worked a long time with this, going over and over, writing and delecting A LOT!!

The best way for me to get the scene right, is to play a song that, brings you into the characters place, making you feel, what they feel. It always helps me playing a song that refers to what is going on in the story, sometimes I actually come up with the SAD SCENE through a song, music is an incredible way to work, with both sad and happy scene, anything really. Of course, there are some of you, who absolutely cannot write along with music, then you simply find your own way; find something that brings you within that sadness.

I am in my editing face with my second novel, and there’s a lot of adjusting towards the crying and tears, I wanna dive into the point where the sadness just rushes over…..

For my third novel, there’s to be a loss, that ripples so deep within the main character, and I really needed to make this devastation stand out, so I played with it, worked with it deeply and I actually got something good….

In my opinion, it is always a good idea to create your own “Cheat Sheet” it comes in handy when you become stuck, I have been writing for almost a decade without Writer’s Block, thanks to all the amazing ideas I had written down. Everytime a single idea comes to mind, I write it down; sometimes it’s never used, but for the most parts, it’s turned into a scene or a chapter, that fits perfectly into my story.

Here’s some of the suggestions;

The urges to cry was there, but not a single drop left my eyes, as I was choking up.

“On the verge of tears”

You could be: Teary, Tearful, Weepy, Misty-Eyed. Perhaps you are about to ‘tear up’, or are ‘tearing up’. Perhaps tears are about to ‘well up’ or are ‘welling up’

Choked up” is a perfectly good phrase for this. Feeling choked up “a lump in your throat” and the sensation of being about to start crying.

Misty-eyed: If you were on the verge of crying “happy tears”

overcome with emotion; clenched or choking back/blinking back/swallowing tears
my throat tighten and a tear came to my eye, but I kept myself from crying.

A tightening of her throat and a short intake of breath A great sob escaped her, as she covered her face with trembling hands

He started chewing on his lower lip and his eyes welled up with tears. Streams of tears flowed faster than my heartbeat

Bottom lip quivered, and his shoulders dropped in resignation…


Here’s my outtake on a good description of Sadness/Devastation/Heartache scene.

A gasp… A pain so deep within the soul, that there is no ease. Vision blurred, disfigured shapes dancing before my eyes. Choking breaths, like drowning in the deepest sea of despair. The unceasingly pull of gravity, dragging my entire self toward the floor. Barely caught by Damon’s loving grip. A roller-coaster I cannot escape, has its grip of me, spinning my world, beyond recognizing. Lips trembling, making ready to relieve the tears of devastation. Everything is fading together, impossible to make sense of… a blood curdling cry of sorrow, leaves me. An unbearable pressure, weighs down on my chest. Struggled breaths, pushing through the sobbing. Precious memories, slipping through my fingers, irreplaceable…
Three friends, brothers… with bowed heads in joined sorrow, sobbing unstoppable. A deadening, heart ripping sadness, spread like sickness instantly infecting loved ones. The cries echoed through the halls, traveling into the soul of every life he touched.
And nothing would ever be the same again… Time stood still… frozen in a moment, we could not escape. In that moment, chaos was created. Consuming me with a paralyzing nothingness……


I hope there was something you could use from this…

Just type those words, and happy writings…

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